The Queeeeeenslander spirit. Seven doesn’t care about flood victims in Queensland. Only Nine does. So said the promotions over the weekend on local television, as Nine trumpeted a local version of Today running this week separate from the Sydney-based national edition. Leila McKinnon and Cameron Williams — both proud Queenslanders, we’re reminded — are hosting the state-based show with local news stars Heather Foord and Gary Youngberry.

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“Local coverage for locals that want detailed information,” Leila says. “Because,” Cam reminds us, “Nine is committed to Queensland”. Viewers seem to agree — TV Tonight reports Today narrowly beat Seven’s Sunrise in the ratings last week, 486,000 to 478,000. Sunrise, at least, is live in the Sunshine State — starting at 5am due to daylight savings.

Troubles from the road. Speaking of flood coverage, Channel Ten presenter Georgina Lewis would have preferred these behind-the-scenes videos didn’t make it to YouTube. Nothing incriminating, mind you, but she does seem particularly troubled by her hair…

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Wear your worst. Queenslanders are out in force, in their Sunday worst, cleaning up after the flood devastation. Including the state’s Treasurer, Andrew Fraser, who was interviewed on ABC News 24 last Friday resplendent in his cleaning clothes — the original and no-longer-the-best Crikey t-shirt. Mr Fraser, it’s time you updated your wardrobe with the latest Crikey fashions — we’ll put something in the post for you.

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News on the fly. Peter Overton was safely ensconced in Nine’s Sydney studio reporting the flood devastation last night, but he wasn’t safe from an attack of giant flies…


Seven cleared over bathhouse outing of David Campbell

“The controversial television exposé revealing former NSW transport minister David Campbell’s secret sex life has been vindicated by the broadcasting watchdog, which has ruled his ”outing” was in the public interest.” — The Sydney Morning Herald

Can newspapers still make money against Aunty?

“A new report from the government’s media industry watchdog is sceptical about whether newspaper owners will be able to make similar profits online in the face of competition from non-commercial news providers such as the ABC and BBC.” — mUmBRELLA

Lawyers line up in UK phone hacking scandal

“News Corporation executives have been considering how to draw a line under the News of the World phone-hacking affair as the Rupert Murdoch-controlled publisher of the tabloid — via its News Group Newspapers subsidiary — braces itself for further celebrity lawsuits in the coming weeks.” — The Guardian

Greenslade: the UK papers hit with the most law suits

“So I set out yesterday to research EN’s extraordinarily dismal libel record over the past three years. Similarly, I looked at pay-outs by rival groups. On the basis of my study, I am confident that Richard Desmond’s titles — the Daily Express and Daily Star with their Sunday stablemates — top the league.” — The Guardian

Why journalists should care about Quora

“Just when you thought there was already enough social media in your life, here comes Quora. The startup founded by former Facebook executives raised $14 million last year and was valued at nearly $90 million before even releasing a product. Now Quora is live, and the journalism community is buzzing.” — Newspaper Death Watch

Does The New Yorker have a gender problem?

“​Anne Hays is not happy with her subscription to The New Yorker. Hays, a Brooklyn resident, Sarah Lawrence MFA graduate and the founding editor of Storyscape Journal, posted yesterday, as a Facebook note, a letter she sent to the magazine’s editors at 4 Times Square, complaining of a gender imbalance in recent issues and demanding a refund or replacement.” — The Village Voice