Are the ALP forlorn in Drummoyne? In a sign of the Liberal Party’s confidence and campaigning resources, John Sidoti, the Liberal Party’s candidate for the NSW seat of Drummoyne in Sydney’s inner-west, recently distributed a glossy, neatly folded, colour A3 campaign pamphlet…


This is the third mass mail out by Sidoti. He has previously distributed a questionnaire seeking feedback on issues, conducted phone polling, and sent out a card wishing everyone well over the festive season. There hasn’t been anything from the ALP in response.

The current MP, Angela D’Amore, who held the seat in 2007 with a 7.6% margin, has received an adverse finding from the Independent Commission Against Corruption and isn’t standing. In normal circumstances, the ALP candidate Angelo Tsirekas, the mayor of Canada Bay, would be in with a real chance, given that the ALP has held the seat since 1962. But these aren’t normal circumstances. If the ALP is unwilling, or unable to defend a seat with a 7.6% margin, election night is looming as a very bleak evening for the party.

Ready, aim, relax. Meanwhile, in Tasmania, the rumour mill  rumbles on about the imminent relaxation of that state’s gun laws …

Academics MIA. In 2005 a team of Melbourne University academics was given a federal research grant of $220,000 for three-years to produce a history of Australia’s war correspondents. Well, its 2011 — six years later and still nothing has been published. Maybe accountability is not a recognised word in academia?

Is BT, inventors of the Cleanfeed system, interested in filtering all p-rn?