James Bond - Daniel Craig

The financial woes that halted the production of the next James Bond movie have finally been dodged, with the announcement today that the new owners of MGM have given the 23rd Bond instalment a green light.

Last November I wrote about MGM’s slow trek towards a financial second life after a long stretch of tinkering on the brink of bankruptcy. Now merged with Spyglass Entertainment, the powers that be were unsurprisingly keen to apply the defibrillator to the 007 series ASAP, given it’s MGM’s most profitable investment and the longest running franchise in film history.

Star Daniel Craig will keep his license to kill and the film will mark his third incarnation of Ian Fleming’s martini drinking secret agent. The man helming the project will be filmmaker Sam Mendes, best known for winning a Best Director Oscar for 1999’s American Beauty. Mendes may an unusual choice, but not a surprising one for those in the know — his name has been linked to the film since early last year.