Can you tell the difference between political groups indulging in the aggressive rhetoric of violence, linking guns, gun ownership, gun rights, gun use with outrage towards specific opposing politicians – and calling someone a “fatty” or a “lunatic”?

Gerard Henderson apparently can’t:

In September the ABC did remove from The Drum Unleashed website an article by ABC favourite Marieke Hardy which described Liberal frontbencher Christopher Pyne as “a douchebag”. But it left untouched Hardy’s earlier reference to Tony Abbott as a “lunatic”.

The advent of the internet age has encouraged the rise of abuse as analysis. This is engaged in by the extremes of both sides of the political debate. Scott cannot change the culture of language. But he can lead by example. And ABC presenters can desist from criticising the language of others while the public broadcaster runs such abuse on its own website.

Yes, you may not comment on violent gun rhetoric in the context of a political shooting while you call Tony Abbott rude names. BECAUSE THOSE THINGS ARE THE SAME.

I also like that while Gerard can recognise that there has been a “blame game” played as to why the Arizona politician was shot, he appears only able to list entries from the side of politics he despises. Funny, that.

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