Sweden: Scene-Setter For Prime Minister Reinfeldt’s May 15 Visit To Washington
Key point: Sweden and Bush administrations on same page in relying on a technological panacea to address climate change.
The Swedes assume the EU presidency in the latter half of 2009 and have announced that climate change will be at the top of their agenda. Sweden considers US involvement in development of post-2012 framework crucial.
Despatch: “The Embassy’s initiative on intensifying collaboration with Sweden on alternative energy (known as “The One Big Thing” – OBT) has helped ease the path for the more constructive tone of discussions on climate change… The emergence of the new centre-right government — reflexively more pro-American and pro-business — has been fortuitous. PM Reinfeldt and his ministers want to work with us, understand well the need for technology-based solutions to energy needs, and recognize that important new opportunities exist for Swedish business which is on the cutting edge of alternative energy technology and research. There is both good will and the desire for bottom line results. The success of the “One Big Thing” will not ultimately depend on political good will, but on results.”