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Dec 23, 2010

Tony Abbott: the Golden Arsehat winner for 2010’s most appalling person

It's pretty disheartening that Tony Abbott -- the man who could be just one slippery Port Macquarie step away from being Prime Minister -- is the most appalling person of 2010.


It’s pretty disheartening that Tony Abbott — the man who could be just one slippery Port Macquarie step away from being Prime Minister — is the most appalling person of 2010. But that’s politics in the new paradigm for you. Looking from the outside, Abbott didn’t have such a bad year. He took the Coalition from a pretty dire position to within a whiff of snatching victory and he put enough pressure on a flagging first-term government that a Prime Minister was dumped by his own party — just two months out from an election.

But then there’s the other side of big Tone. In Opposition, the Speedo-wearing, gospel truth-spouting, s-x-before-marriage-opposing ironman seemed intent on destroying policy purely for the sake of it. And, in an election campaign dominated by small-target strategy policies and focus group-driven slogans, he displayed such a dazzling array of stunts the electorate knew more of what he stood against than what he stood for. In the 2010 race for bottom — which featured a decent-sized field it must be said — Tony Abbott was first.


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34 thoughts on “Tony Abbott: the Golden Arsehat winner for 2010’s most appalling person

  1. skink

    I suspect that Abbott won the Golden Arsehat not for consistent arsehattery over the whole year, but by a last minute dash for the line over asylum seekers.

    He could only wait two days before making the recent Christmas Island tragedy a partisan matter, but was immediately outed by Andrew Wilkie for being two-faced over our refugee intake, and had the rug pulled from under him by the Wikileaks revelation that the Libs are all secretly hoping for more boat arrivals.

    remember, don’t believe a word he says unless you get it in writing

  2. Jim Reiher

    The survey has nailed it correctly.

  3. Kevin Herbert

    The lack of leadership by both parties on asylum seekers mirrors the political vacuum in which Australia currently exists.

    The pathetic Rodent rode the asylum seekers question into the ground, and took Beazley etc with him. After Tampa, politics in Oz changed for good.

    The Libs & Labor make me ashamed to call myself an Aussie.

    And to think it was the once widely maligned Malcolm Fraser who was the last PM who took a principled stand on asylum seekers…nice one Malcolm…you turned out to be a true humanitarian & a politically brave politician.

  4. Guner Oksis

    What a narrow field and obviously from a narrow -minded field of commentators.

    Where is that Oakshot fellow , for example!

  5. David Hand

    Predictable output from the sheep that subscribe to Crikey. Four legs gooood! Two legs baaaaaad! Four legs gooood! Two legs baaaaaad! Four legs gooood! Two legs baaaaaad! Four legs gooood! Two legs baaaaaad!

  6. New Cassandra

    I agree David, but then again most of these dickheads still have Whitlam posters on their walls.

  7. Phil Kyson

    Anybody who could get the line up on the front bench of the Liberal Party at present so close to Governing is certainly arsehat of the year. What it does expose is the deep ignorance and fear of the Australian people exploited so much by Howard and News Ltd bottom feeders.
    You might not like it Crikey, and it’s hard to say. You seem to be the most progressive news outlet we have in Australia. A place where the Rightards don’t rule, smell like a fox or feed on their own shit.

  8. Jim Reiher

    Guner, David and New Cassandra… the only one I am willing to listen to is David, (even though he has said nothing of any weight here) because he is at least prepared to use his name and not hide behind a pen name. I wish crikey would make a new rule: no comments posted unless accompanied by the actual name of the writer.

    People hide behind pen names (some on the left do it too) and from that pool, we find the writers who are extradorinarily rude, and who do not help further the debate.

    I can let you in on a fact: no one listens to people who rave on and dont have any substance in their ravings. In fact, the only person such ravings serve, is the one doing the ranting and raving. It is an outlet for their bias without them having to identify themselves. But for all intents and purposes: a waste of space.

    So…, Abbott supporters, lets have a discussion. Explain how the description here about Mr Abbott is wrong:
    – trivilization of politics
    – mindless slogans
    – negative election campaign
    – loosing gracelessly

    If they are wrong, argue the case. If not… what are you wasting our time for?

  9. David Hand

    Jim, I’m wounded! I make a deeply insightful post and it has no weight? I even waxed literary with a clever reference to an underlying theme from Orwells Animal Farm!

    To put it in simple language for you, Crikey readers regularly vote the Liberal leadership as Arse hats. It doesn’t matter who is in the chair or what they do, they are hated villains in the eyes of Crikey readers. There is no insight about specific actions that earn the award. They’re just Liberals and for the the average Crikey reader, that’s enough. Hence my allusion to the sheep in Animal farm, who bleated the mindless mantra at regular intervals.

    As an illustraion of my point, and in reply to yours-

    Trivialization of politics
    Well, the TV programme the Hollow Men has been applied to Labor. There are many opinion pieces from commentators across the spectrum of political views about the dire circumstance Labor is in through selling out to focus groups and cheap easy trivial politics.

    Mindless Slogans.
    Who was it brought us “working families” and “moving forward”? At least “Stop the boats” has a very practical resonance these days.

    Negative election campaign
    Where to begin? Can you honestly put your hand on your heart and tell me that Labor’s campaign wasn’t negative? Most of the ALP campaign was based around the message that Abbott was a risky catholic fundamentalist who couldn’t be trusted. Essential were breathlessly reporting through Crikey that twice as many Liberalvoters preferred Costello to Abbott. The ALP campaign was one big attack ad against Abbott.

    Losing gracelessly.
    Come on, mate. It only required one independent to go Liberal and we would have a new government. I know I’m a Liberal supporter but didn’t you pause and consider the currents at shift in australian politics as you watched Julia sell the soul of the ALP to Bob Brown?

    Which brings me back to my original point. Abbott may have been trivial, sloganish, negative and graceless but in the context of politics this year, he simply doesn’t stand out. Those accusations apply a lot more widely. He got this award solely for being the Liberal Leader who shook up the left.

    A good analogy might be, say, the sheep in animal farm taught a mantra they repeat mindlessly to cope with stress. ALP/Green gooooooooood! Liberal/National baaaaaaad! ALP/Green gooooooooood! Liberal/National baaaaaaad! ALP/Green gooooooooood! Liberal/National baaaaaaad!

    I predict the arse hat of 2011, as voted by Crikey readers, will be on the right side of politics. I can be confident about this even though the year hasn’t started.

  10. skink

    gee David,

    and I predict the editorial for whatever newspaper you read will support whichever party you intend to vote for

    ‘sell out the soul of the party’?

    I don’t think the horse trading that went on with the independents flattered either side. Did you forget that Abbott offered Wilkie a billion dollar hospital and a change to the refugee intake? you would almost mistake him for a tax-and-spender

    but the key fact is that rural conservatives like Katter, Windsor and Oakeshott just couldn’t bring themselves to form government with Abbott. In the end it came down to the personality of the leaders when dealing with the Independents, and Abbott was an Arsehat.

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