Stone the CROWS, atop the Bushmaster. There is more at stake here for Australian manufacturers than just the Bushmaster (as Bernard Keane documented yesterday) but also the equipment that goes on it.  One is CROWS, which sits on top of Bushmaster and protects the occupants by automatically firing projectives at incoming rocket propelled grenades, hand thrown grenades, mortars, etc. Other variants of CROWS provide for laser-guided ordinance to be fired from the Bushmaster or tank that can hit a moving target up to 5km away, allowing for wind, velocity, both targets moving, etc.

Lawyer wanted: don’t accept corruption. Gotta love this ad from last week’s Post Courier in PNG. Looks like some companies are feeling a bit frustrated…

Vacancy for lawyer

You’ll have to wait for The Age, sir. No wonder they have to give The Age away. Took up the current gift subscription offer for the wife and somewhere in the fine print it says no delivery before mid-January. I rang the subscription department when it didn’t lob cling-wrapped in the driveway after a few days. They have no flexibility at all to bring forward the start date. Can I take an interim subscription to fill in the month? No!