Back on the front bench and back into our hearts. Malcolm Bligh Turnbull, come on down — you’re Crikey‘s sexiest male pollie for 2010. Two-time Silver Fox Stephen Smith has been knocked off his rather well-worn perch.

Here at Crikey we were gunning for the fresh-faced Wyatt Roy to get home, but it seems the prepubescent look doesn’t quite cut it with you lot. New entrant, Kennedy’s finest, Bob Katter can leave his hat on as well, while Bob Brown (despite First Dog’s hot, young and bearded Bob campaign) didn’t quite take home the organic chocolates.


And who will be joining Malcolm ‘Leo DiCaprio’ Turnbull up the front of the big boat?

Why it’ll be former champion superbabe Kate Ellis, who is returning to the sexiest female pollie throne for 2010 after her leather dress/high heel Grazia shoot helped knock off last-year’s winner Julia Gillard. Despite a rather fetching Women’s Weekly makeover, it seems that people weren’t so enamoured of Real Julia in 2010.

Honorable mentions must go to Kristina Keneally — whose flicky hair was the subject of much affection — and Sarah Hanson-Young. Everyone loves a hyphen. Hott.