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Dec 23, 2010

Julian Assange: Crikey's Readers' Choice Person of the Year

Relatively unknown 12 months ago, a household name today. It's no surprise that Townsville-born whistleblower Julian Assange took out Crikey's Person of the Year award.



Relatively unknown 12 months ago, a household name today. It’s no surprise that Julian Assange took out Crikey‘s Person of the Year with such a whopping margin (he polled 38.6% more than the second-placed Bob Brown, whose Greens party also had a big 2010).

Even before he started drip feeding confidential US government cables last month, the Townsville-born whistleblower gained notoriety for leaking information powerful people wanted kept secret. From the release of the infamous “collateral murder” video in April (viewed more than 10 million times) to the massive dump of confidential Iraq and Afghanistan war logs, Assange has had a pretty big 12 months, it’s fair to say.

The enigmatic, elusive WikiLeaks founder is now fighting extradition to Sweden on s-xual assault allegations, while the US government is looking for ways to prosecute him plus stop him leaking more sensitive government documents. Whatever the outcome of the claims leveled against him, Assange has vowed to continue his pursuit of freedom of information.

An enemy of the state and a champion of democracy, some say he has changed the media landscape forever. One thing is for sure, we’ll be hearing more from Julian Assange in 2011.



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54 thoughts on “Julian Assange: Crikey’s Readers’ Choice Person of the Year

  1. Peter Evans

    Bradley Manning is the guy that should get the guernsey. He’s in solitary now and he’s in jail for decades to come, but he put his arse on the line.

  2. shepherdmarilyn

    There is no evidence that Bradley Manning did anything. Some loser claimed he did so but not a grain of proof has ever been shown.

    If he did though, he deserves to be released and lauded as a first class world wide hero.

    I watched “The War you don’t see”, Pilger’s latest film and watched the loser journos who embedded or flat out lied about Iraq cringingly begging for forgieveness while others persist to this day in believing they are right.

    The most appalling was the description by the soldier who responded and saved a little girls life and watched a little boy die – I was sobbing.

    Assange is a true hero – thankfully he has support in the masses of ordinary Australian’s even if our pollies are gutless.

  3. Peter Evans

    Sort of Marilyn. Manning did tell his mate (the one who ratted him out) that he had send the files to Wikileaks – I don’t think anyone contests that he claimed that (the evidence is in logs of his on-line chats with the guy). Of course, he’s not been convicted and he’s been treated appallingly. I have no idea what sort of trial defense he can or will mount.

  4. tERRY

    I hope Julian Assange has got lawyers in teh US because it looks like they want to pin espionage charges on him if they get the chance. Some right wing idiots in tankland are even calling for the death penalty aka Sweet home Alabama.

    What is annoying about western governments is that they say one thing publically and privately either actually do the opposite or advocate the opposite. An essential aspect of democracy is transparency and Wikileaks provides that in spades. It is such a delight to see lying politicians across the globe squirming in their boots.

    Politicians hate being caught with their political pants down so to speak and this is why the yanks are gunning hard to get Julian in their official sites.
    Hopefully Wikileaks is more than Julian Assange and their work will continue if he is sidelined.

    It would be interesting to find out how they got access to the cables ie – via officials leaking them or via accessing government’s computer systems which contain the cables or via other unknown methods.
    Comrade Julia should see Wikileaks as a blessing in disguise as if she thinks there is half a chance that her acts of stupidity and deceit are likely to see the light of day she might think before she acts.

  5. Cripes...

    Bradley is buggered while Assange bites Pilger’s pillow.

  6. Laurie Ganter

    Is passing on confidential information all it takes today to be famous.

    I sure hope Julian Assange and all who worship him lead a life without blemish or evil doings that can be posted for all the world to see as that is what all who respect him are worshiping. You want your life to be laid open for all the world to see exactly what you think and who you are.

    Should I ask my children to look up to him as an example for us all to copy; like his journalistic ability which must be all of pressing the SEND button on a computer, or his honesty and integrity and wonderful belief that he has contributed to the TRUTH in this world?????

    Could someone tell me exactly what this man has contributed to mankind that requires us all to bow down a worship his deeds let alone respect his wit, his ability as a Reported and his wonderous ability to believe he has some sort of TRUTH to tell us all.

  7. zimmerman

    Good to see a mysogynist win something for a change.

  8. Nick Thurn

    I like the concept of Wikileaks – not knowing Julian Assange personally I have no opinion on his suitability as person of the year or role model.

    His organisation has done the world a service by confirming what many believed already.

    I must admit frustration at the slow drip feed of docs. Is there more and much worse? Surely the hysterical reaction is because of something other than we’ve seen so far? Or is that ‘it’ – bad opinions of the US held since the 60’s confirmed for armchair socialists like myself?

  9. Cripes...

    When viewing the weird cult that the recent WikiLeaks sensations have spawned, it defies belief that somehow otherwise intelligent people are so readily willing to suspend their rational facilities to worship such a flawed guru as Julian Assange. Most surprising is even the stoutest of feminists are able to ignore the misogynist violence of an obvious sociopath in the name of immoral social conformity.

  10. Nick Thurn

    @cripes: So Julian Assange channel’s Bill Clinton? So what…

  11. Cripes...


    Well, so what… indeed? In the Lemming age of fickle Facebookophiles and compulsively serial Twittering, is anything surprising about the transient morality of the social media of the moment?

  12. Nick Thurn

    Well ‘obvious sociopath’ is not at all obvious to me. You are correct on the herd and the flawed but many of the ‘great’ are flawed – in fact it appears to be a requirement. Not saying JA is great – as I said before I have no opinion as I don’t know him personally.

  13. zut alors

    @ Cripes: “…it defies belief that somehow otherwise intelligent people are so readily willing to suspend their rational facilities to worship such a flawed guru as Julian Assange.”

    Perhaps it’s not the man we admire so much but the concept of what he’s done ie: allowed the masses to see behind the scenes for a glimpse of reality as opposed to the usual information a controlled media ekes out to us. All commercial media is controlled: editors decide which stories they’ll run, which stories they’ll drop, what facts to include and what skew to put on them.

    But Wikileaks is giving us the (near) raw material after redacting some names to protect individuals. If it wasn’t for Assange these revelations wouldn’t have happened (for a while, anyway) so now he’s the meteoric folk hero.

    But it’s not about him personally, it’s about a brave stand he’s taken against authority.

  14. Ripley

    “the misogynist violence of an obvious sociopath”

    What defies belief is the rampant hyperbole of somehow otherwise intelligent people, and their complete lack of rational facilities.

  15. Cripes...

    You know, by his comments, Assange reveals that he believes it’s all about him. His rhetoric about transparency is as thin as his paranoia is great. Assange preaches to an already converted audience who only hear what they want to hear. However, the sad little fellow will be in limelight he craves as long as the leaks keep dripping. Meanwhile, the media moguls will keep smiling as long as the story keep making them money.

  16. jeebus

    It seems like some of you are confusing the word ‘worship’ with ‘support’ to be inflammatory. Mr Assange has stated in interviews that he is the public face of Wikileaks in order to channel the death threats and vitriol away from the other volunteers.

    Perhaps that has created a few groupies, but plenty of people are ambivalent about the man, while supporting Wikileak’s goals of exposing abuse of government and corporate power around the world.

    As far as the allegations of ‘surprise sex’ (not considered rape in countries outside Sweden) go, they are just that – allegations. There have been no charges brought against him, and no evidence has been provided by those who accuse him. The legal process leading to his imprisonment and house arrest is a farce for those who believe a man innocent until proven guilty.

    It’s quite disgusting for people in here to cast judgement on a crime as serious as rape without seeing any evidence or having any personal involvement in the matter.

  17. Laurie Ganter

    Ah! CRIPES you should not try to deflate those like ZUT ALORS who admires a man who “has allowed the masses to see behind the scenes for a glimpse of reality”.

    To the ZUT ALORS of the world Assange is pure and has only the TRUTH to tell us while all the others who print the NEWS are manipulators of the TRUTH.

    Is it because those like ZUT ALORS are so naive that they believe anything Assange prints is the TRUTH or do they hunger so much to be conned by wanting to believe in this new GOD of the TRUTH?

    When did Assainge verify his source and how did he do it?

    How can Assange verify a source of a classified document he received from someone who has broken the law of the country he swore to both defend and upkeep?

    So all one has to do to have Assange POST the TRUTH is classify something and create a suitable source heading and a fake believable source and send CRAP to Assange and the GREAT “Crikey Person of the Year” then sends it to a news paper and your CRAP becomes the TRUTH. But worse still ZUT ALORS and others believe everything without question of this CRAP that only Assange issues.

    Come on, it beggers belief. Maybe Santa is REAL after all. Or do they believe in the Tooth Fairy too?

  18. waratah72

    Scary thing is 2 million people reportably had access to the info Bradley manning ‘leaked” yet they never did,
    2 million is alot of brainwashed people

  19. Cripes...

    Julian… oh, Julian… they’re coming to get yooo…
    You can run, but you can’t hide. Soon, it’s gonna be all about you… but not the way you’d like it… ah ha, ah ha, but not the way you’d like it… ah ha, ah ha, ah ah!

  20. leone

    It seeems Crikey fans aren’t as intelligent as I would have thought.

  21. Cripes...

    LEONE –

    My guess is, if comments indicate a profile, Crikey fans are predominately a cross-section of shallow, intolerant, chip-on-the-shoulder, politically left-of-centre folk of average intelligence and imagination who habitually lean towards the current social trends of political correctness. In other words, ideal grist for my mill (oh, yes, I can play a combative Assange, too)!

  22. drsmithy

    “I sure hope Julian Assange and all who worship him lead a life without blemish or evil doings that can be posted for all the world to see as that is what all who respect him are worshiping. You want your life to be laid open for all the world to see exactly what you think and who you are.”

    Er, no. You are conflating personal privacy with government transparency.

    “Could someone tell me exactly what this man has contributed to mankind that requires us all to bow down a worship his deeds let alone respect his wit, his ability as a Reported and his wonderous ability to believe he has some sort of TRUTH to tell us all.”

    The US tells us two million people had access to this information. That’s two million people with less courage to do the right thing than him.

    “Most surprising is even the stoutest of feminists are able to ignore the misogynist violence of an obvious sociopath in the name of immoral social conformity.”

    Since you imply knowledge of actual evidence of wrongdoing, perhaps you should get in contact with the Swedish authorities – they appear to be in need of it.

  23. Elan

    You remind me of ICKY MICKY, CRAPES. Such disdain yet happily being part of that which you denigrate.

    Bradley Manning: if he did pass material to WK, then he needs more recognition and assistance than he is getting. He seems to have been forgotten in this,-that is wrong.

    Assange: he has rightfully received the assistance he needs, because what he represents is far greater than the man himself. However, this assistance and focus (and I am glad it happened), has gone to his head a little. He made reference to ‘his staff’ ! This is a group -;a group that does what our media has failed miserably to do;-a group! It will not improve matters for the group,- to concentrate solely on Assange-which he himself is increasingly doing. Dissension has already split the group. IF Assange ‘takes the hit’, he still needs to remember he is part of a valuable team;-a team that has continued working in his absence.

    To that end, Wikileaks is my ‘person’ of the year.

    The issue of feminism: why have two (certainly one avowed feminist), been unsupported by feminist groups? Because there is a strong suspicion that they have made misleading statements. IF-if they have done that, then they have done ‘feminism’ a great disservice.

    ‘Feminism’ already has a bad name. Feminist groups are only too well aware that IF they have lied-then they have added fuel to the feminist detractor fire.

    If Assange ‘raped’/sexually assaulted these two women, then he can take the consequences.

    This is at least questionable. Its timing is questionable.

    ………………….is Assange a Sociopath? It would be damned handy if he was! He has work to do. He does not need to be hampered with the emotion restraints that censor the rest of us……………

  24. Cripes...

    ELAN –

    Yes, I suppose we are what we are. Anyway, the fickle media seems to have moved on from Assange to find other, less questionable, figures to immerse in the five minutes of fame. However, Julian wants to stay in the spotlight, so he must keep those juicy drops dripping from his leaks. Also, perhaps some of the more sensitive Euro-Press are now keeping a little distance from Assange, now that his usual less-than-heroic sexual manners have become so public. Apparently, his style of rough bedroom behaviour is very much on the nose with most women in northern Europe. So it’s quite understandable why anybody would now be hedging their bets a bit. Sometimes, when backing a dark horse, it’s better to have two bob each way!

  25. Elan

    Don’t be daft CRAPPERS! ‘Rough bedroom behaviour’ ?? Gerroff!

    Have you seen these two women? Have you seen Assange? Holy moley! You could swat Assange with a feather and he’d go over. (Mind like a steel trap;-but bod?).

    I’m mightily impressed with your knowledge of most of the women in Northern Europe. Strewth! Assange is a non-starter compared to you!

    The information we are receiving, is opinion not fact. We will have to see won’t we? As a lawyer I can tell you that given the trajectory of how these accusations evolved,-and their timing, I would be advising the little petal not to go back to Sweden at this point.

    It’ll sort itself out. The allegations DON’T fit the alleged? behaviour of both women subsequent to the alleged rapes. IF they are lying-any halfwit lawyer will be able to prove it. Lies are beset with trip wires. If they are not;-there will be nothing to drag out of them.

    Fancy a bet on which way its going to go??

  26. Cripes...

    ELAN –

    Well, you may be correct in assuming that some northern European women like it rough, but rest assured, most detest the menacing attitude and risky behaviour usually displayed by men of the Assange type (as detailed in leaked Swedish police documents). Even though I have little contact with women in other parts of the Continent, I can imagine most have similar fears. I’m quite surprised that you, as a lawyer, appear unaware of the facts of the matters you mentioned, while your comments seem to indicate that you believe a man must actually look like a beast to behave like one.

  27. Elan

    Well now it’s time to call you CREEPS.

    ‘ man must actually look like a beast’ See? Now that’s an opinion; an assumption. It is not a fact. A ‘beast’ “what do you mean by a beast?
    Describe beast. (Cripes CREEPS you are starting to sound Biblical!)

    Tell me where I said a man must look like a ‘beast’ to behave like one. Ted Bundy didn’t look like a beast did he?

    Perhaps now you might have some understanding of what I actually said, because as a lawyer I will not state assumptions and allegations as facts.

    I do appreciate the compliment,-really I do. But ‘as a lawyer’ I don’t automatically have some sort of ‘inside lane’ on facts. WE do not know the ‘facts’. We only know what has been written by the media. They to do not report ‘facts’. They report their opinions as fact.

    ( As for those ‘leaked Swedish documents’. Do I really need to explain my concern over that? Really?)

    You are getting a little creepy you know;- where did I say Northern European women like it rough??

    Don’t transpose your ‘opinions as facts’ methodology onto me, simply because you dislike Assange.

  28. Cripes...

    ELAN –

    Yes, you’re right. I do strongly dislike all those who harm others, directly or remotely, to gratify their ego. I imagine you also have a similar dislike of any such beast, not as a lawyer, but as an average citizen like me. Naturally, a practising lawyer may be obliged, for reasons of practicality and justice, to put strong personal feelings aside when representing a client such as the accused, Julian Assange – “Omnium Jura Defendimus”!

  29. Sandi

    George Orwell was right on a money many decades ago when he said,
    “In a time of universal deceit – telling the truth is a revolutionary act”.


    “Freedom is the right to tell people what they don’t want to hear”.

    And the world has not really changed since his time.

  30. Cripes...

    Some describe freedom as immunity from obligations or duties and unilateral power to act and speak without externally imposed restraints. Of course, even in a democracy, for most of their existence the majority of citizens forfeit much personal freedom to provide their daily necessities of life. Additionally, every citizens is required to conform to norms of behaviour decreed by statutory laws that stipulate the responsibilities and rights of all individuals within that society.

  31. Elan

    Agreed SANDI.

    There is a change though. It has gotten worse, because nowadays, and for when? the last 25 years or so? ‘marketing’ has come in. Yes marketing.

    Marketing to politicians = spin! This is no longer habit;-this is a culture that is pervasive in ALL politicians now in all countries. The ethics of convincing a public that what they question, is not so;-all is good;-all is under control….we care about our people.

    This has spawned something great,-because it got so bad. Society can see right through the lies now! With the benefit of technology, this globe has been able to communicate information;-been able to communicate that the scepticism; the disbelief;- is global.

    The ease of exchange of information is ringing alarm bells for those who control the people,-their populace. They never wanted an empowered people;-a questioning people.
    They want control of those people.

    So they will do whatever they can to return the status quo of control of people, with net vetting,-and disinformation;-and the discrediting of those who they see as having influence in this process.

    That MIGHT be what is currently happening with Assange. IF it is the case-then it is no surprise.

    It has also spawned something not so great, but in a free society;-something that equally should not be shut down.

    It has spawned the enablers.

    These are made up of those who hold the view that a populace needs such control. They justify;-they defend the indefensible.
    Some of this group are directly from the ranks of our esteemed?? controllers. They utilise the same technology to dismiss and diminish concern. They do not distinguish the unbalanced, and clear nutjob- conspiracy ‘they’re coming to get us’ theorists, from the so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ who question…at the very least question,-..the official version of events.

    It is deliberate. It is calculated.

    The first in this group are contemptible. The second, pernicious and nasty.

    I hope to all hell that we increase our questioning; that we increase our demand for Government accountability. I wrote a poem once (must try and find it!), after I marched against the Iraq invasion. It ends with the line: “ours is but to do; and yours is but to die”.

    The worst case scenario is that our controllers; our ‘Governments’, can take decisions that can cost us our lives. And they do do that.

    But nowadays they tell us that they care; that it is all for our own good. They tell us that our casualty’s (never mind the ‘collateral damage’), are heroes.

    They tell us that to justify the return of a corpse. The family of a hero is unlikely to question that which cost him or her their life.

    Good eh?

    It was inevitable that these ‘controllers’ aided by the enablers, would go to ANY length to shut down ANY voice that spearheaded this questioning.

    These opinions of course, make ME a ‘nutjob’!!!

    A lawyer and an average citizen are the same CREEPS. The same.

    ……and personal feelings are not a good idea. Personal opinions are though.

    As to ‘Defending the rights of all’ ?
    WE have to remember that. Governments conveniently shelved that as a principle, because it presupposes that all are created equal.

    Governments know that that is not true. Not as far as they are concerned.

  32. Elan

    Well now!! That is the most difficult piece of text I have ever posted!!

    My post was started at around 5.30pm. I repeatedly lost text. It became so difficult that I took a meal break, then I started again.

    Fine tuned-and the power went out. Lost the lot. But the previous problems encouraged me to save the post else where.

    Finally posted it at 8.02pm SA.

    The problem is my end. And no CREEPS, I don’t think that US security forces have honed in on ickle ol me!!

    It was still an utter sh.it though. Just like them.

  33. Cripes...

    ELAN –

    You say that a lawyer and an average citizen are the same creeps? How creepy. You also say that experiencing feelings are not a good idea. Now, that’s just sad.

  34. Elan

    ..and so it goes on. No prob.

    1) CREEPS-I said CREEPS. Well earned with that reference to man as a beast.

    2) I was trying to point out that YOU made the distinction between a lawyer and an ‘average citizen’. I was pointing out that we are all the same.

    3)………..noooooo CREEPS,-what I said was that when representing a client personal feelings are not a good idea. (Don’t get emotionally involved…..OK? )Personal opinions on the other hand are a good idea. ( always helps to believe in your client….OK?)

    All these responses! Yet you are responding to what you want to see, rather then what is actually there. So? you base your views not even on opinion, but on your own supposition!

    That is permeating your posts. And of course it destroys the credibility of them.

    Chat tomorrow?

  35. Cripes...

    ELAN –

    Oh, be like that then. Hmph!

  36. Cripes...

    Assange on the nose in Africa –

    Comment from the editorial page in the Zimbabwe Mail 31/12/2010 [http://www.thezimbabwemail.com/index.php?news=6998]:

    The international media has long known that President Mugabe has been searching for a sufficiently credible reason to end the political future of Morgan Tsvangirai and all political opposition in the country. The dangerously irresponsible Julian Assange, with WikiLeaks, has probably provided the means to achieve that end. Assange apparently cares far more about his own pathetic ego than he does for the future freedom of the long oppressed people of Zimbabwe.

  37. Elan

    Funny that.

    I have it on good authority that Assange is on the nose in Outer Swaziland/The Steppes/Cleethorpes (funny lot in Cleethorpes)/Andorra/Mongolia-Inner-Outer/Szechuan Province/Bangladesh/The Scilly Isles/The not-so-Scilly Isles/The Isle of Man…………AND the Isle of Woman/The Ivory Coast/The Emerald Isle/The Pearl of the Indies/The Diamond Mines/ and my Aunty Nellie’s cat.

  38. Cripes...

    ELAN –

    When you read the news article at the reference link, you will be humiliated by the ignorance your flippancy demonstrates. Displayed for all to see, your recent comment is a classic example of fools rushing in. So, read and be informed.

  39. Elan

    Ahhhhh CREEPS,-I read the reference link.

    My ignorant flippancy is humiliated. The shame of it all.

    I hang your every word (ooohhh so sorry, I meant I hang on your every word).

    I don’t. I lied. I didn’t read the link. The fact ( fact) is that those who support Assange will sometimes put up links to justify that support.

    Folks like you Creeps, will do the opposite.

    Par for the course.

    Try not to turn into Ceecil (C.E.E.C.I.L) there’s a good chap/chapess. This thread is largely defunct now, but you still insist on shouting to the departed that you are right, and they are wrong. That gives me the irrits,-and I attempt to correct your numerous erroneous conclusions based on how you choose to interpret what you read.

    It’s tedious; it isn’t something I can take seriously. So I didn’t.

    So Assange is not your playmate of the month? OK. You have made that very clear you know. And you are rather wissing into the pind now…

    Same time tomorrow? Or are you going to move on?

  40. Cripes...

    ELAN –

    Quotes from the linked article you haven’t read:

    When the Pentagon Papers were made available for publication, they went to professional journalists, newspaper editors with the training and expertise to balance the public’s need to know with the need to protect vulnerable lives.

    Wikileaks has just proven that it is neither professional nor morally capable of making similar decisions.

    The released cables contain our [US] diplomatic service’s analysis of the situation in Zimbabwe along with some less-than-glowing appraisals of Tsvangirai’s ability to be a strong leader able to make the changes necessary in Zimbabwe to rescue it from the hell Mugabe has created.

    Obviously, Mugabe can use the American appraisal of Tsvangirai to discredit him, to publicly question his abilities as a leader. That would be a rational politician’s use for this information. Robert Mugabe is not a rational politician. He is completely capable of using this information to order Tsvangirai’s arrest for treason, consorting with a foreign power to overthrow the “legitimately elected” government of Zimbabwe. A show trial and a firing squad would be the only outcome if Mugabe chooses this route.

    Wikileaks may have just signed Morgan Tsvangirai’s death warrant. It will take an enormous effort on the part of the diplomatic corps of many nations to prevent that.

    Too many people are enamoured of the idea of transparency, the public’s right to know, freedom of the press. These are wonderful concepts in the abstract. Real journalists know that they must be balanced against protecting the innocent and not making situations worse than they already are.

  41. CorpAu

    WoW, don’t usually post comments elsewhere, BUT there is some VERY interesting debate over here.

    Some people have nailed it pretty much with their comments, e.g. Sandi, waratah72. One thing that mere masses ‘forget’ is that politics is not an opinion but an exacting science.

    We are being steered by an unseen group of people, who have at their disposal, have one of the most powerful tools (history can vouch for this), the ‘mass’ media, which in turn shapes the opinions of the Canon Fodder.

    This generation has been marketed to, on such a scale that it has not been seen previously. One result of this comes ‘Trial by Media’, where as mentioned before people confuse that the reporting of some ‘facts’ by the mass media, are actually opinions of the author of the media outlet which have a political agenda, rather than reporting the truth or facts.

    One of the more interesting reads is the volley between ELAN and CRIPES.

    Something that is NOT spoken (as brethren would know) in the mass media is the ‘Anglo’-Masonic influence in Politics / Law (and elsewhere for that matter). I have documentation pertaining to many cases where that has an influence irrespective of the truth or who was at fault.

    This is one HUGE aspect that is a taboo in society.

    We are entering the new age of where the truth (or rather exposing it) is CRIMINAL…


  42. Laurie Ganter


    We have always through out History been “STEERED” by an unseen group of people who dictate opinion.

    The Anglo-Masonic influence has been on the downward trend for many years.

    You also exhibit that strange opinion that the Truth is always a classified document.

    I believe what Assange is distributing now is mainly the opinions of various political operatives.

    Can you please define what you think is the Truth

  43. Elan

    “Too many people are enamoured of the idea of transparency, the public’s right to know, freedom of the press. These are wonderful concepts in the abstract. Real journalists know that they must be balanced against protecting the innocent and not making situations worse than they already are.”

    What unmitigated bollocks!

    I have tried to keep a sense of humour with you CRAPs but you are becoming a weeping rash. The humour has evaporated.

    Because I won’t read your bloody link you deign to shove it in my face! You foolish, stupid mindless enablers! Has it ever entered your obedient little head CRAP that the capacity for Governmental sanctioned killing is enormous-and it’s getting worse? That Government/s are responsible for very many thousands of innocent deaths in their pursuit of political ideology?

    The odious rubbish of using the example you quote by twisting it to make the Assanges’ of this world the bad guys, is a fecking disingenuous disgrace!!

    Who are you representing CREEPY? Why do you insist that journalistic integrity is measured by keeping secrets as you suggest above?

    Have you so little concern for the vile end result of some of these spurious engagements? They even have that nice little twee euphemism for it;-‘collateral damage’ !

    Don’t you damn well dare to defend the inexcusable to me. I have treated you with a modicum of intelligence. It is now abundantly clear that you have nothing of the kind. Either that,-or you are one of these sycophantic little sanctioned trolls whose sole agenda is to discredit Assange.

    I don’t give one damn for Assange the man. I give a huge damn for what he/Wikileaks is doing.

    OK. boyo, you want to pull more of this crap?

    Let’s start from here.

  44. Elan

    Oh God!! Now we’ve entered the twilight zone!

  45. Cripes...

    ELAN –

    Oh dear… when anger comes in the door, sense flies out the window!

    Don’t embarrass your inner lawyer. When you’ve cooled down, I’m sure you’ll agree that to offer mere abuse is unlikely to advance your outlook. Just progress some rational argument to support your viewpoint. Keep it simple and logical. After all, we can’t have the Fenian Brotherhood thinking that Anglo-Masons have had a victory.

  46. Elan

    I cannot believe I just lost an entire fucking post!!!!!!!!

    (And I also cannot believe how slow the Crikey website has become).

    Damn it to hell! does every bloody word have to be saved or copied?

    Don’t make it worse you twerp!

    Anger suggests an emotional investment in your prattlings. I am simply frustrated at one who purports to a reasonable level of intelligence,- yet clearly demonstrates the exact opposite!

    Yourself and Ceecil (do you have two ID’s by any chance?) use the battering ram technique: ‘keep repeating the same view…, repeat it again……, repeat it yet again……, then again’. This asinine methodology gives its purveyor the fallacious illusion of: ‘ if I say it often enough,-it becomes fact; it becomes right; it proves that I am right’.

    That is pathetic and immature logic.

    A discussion board stimulates the need for just that; discussion. Discussion is stimulated by difference of opinion. Difference of opinion is multi layered by varying strengths of that opinion.

    It would be rare to change the opinion of those who hold an opposing view. Frankly the only function of such discussion boards is to perhaps place an opinion ‘on the record’,-and certainly to provide a counterbalance to those who seek to do the same with an opposing point of view.

    With the exception of your humorous last line,- what purpose is served by the condescending garbage of suggesting ‘rational/simple/logical’ posting? Hello? Is the hypocrisy noted?
    (…and just a hint: you are in no position to condescend..).

    I explained why I was frustrated at your methodology. You? THAT is all you could come up with?

    People disagree you know. I oppose your view,- and vic ver. I persist in this silly exchange simply because I cannot allow those who use this battering ram methodology to believe that they have diminished and browbeaten me into withdrawing from a discussion. You folk extrapolate that to withdrawing from an opinion!

    No can do.

    So? what’s next? Where to from here?

  47. Elan

    Oh all right then mods…..F.U.C.K.I.N.G………………

  48. Cripes...

    ELAN –

    Let’s start with a few questions. Would you describe “freedom” as an immunity from obligations or duties? Or perhaps as a unilateral power to act and speak without externally imposed restraints? Or both? Now if, even in a democracy, most citizens forfeit much of their personal freedom working to provide the daily necessities of life, are they really free? However, do you agree that every member of society is also required to conform to norms of behaviour decreed by statutory laws that stipulate the responsibilities and rights of all individuals within that society.

  49. Elan

    Sorry sonny, you’ve done your dash. It’s too late now for a deep and meaningful.

    Besides this is just more of the same, Ceecil 11, I’m not going to repeat myself again and again; unlike you.

    (And what bloody silly questions FGS!! They assume their own answers!!)

  50. Cripes...

    Fenian Brotherhood monitors –

    Highly esteemed Sirs,

    Please don’t blame me for the farcical capitulation of ELAN. With a wimper, not a bang. I sure you saw it coming way before I did. I hope you also saw that I gave ELAN every chance to make good with a ridiculous argument. Must have forgot you were watching and just lost the plot, I suppose. So you can see it’s not my fault. Sorry, please believe me, but I’m truly not part of an Anglo-Masonic influence in Politics or Law or anywhere else. I know nothing. Nothing.

    But hey, go for that dreadful big shot lawyer, ELAN, the one who’s really let you down so badly. Yes, forget little insignificant me, it’s all the fault of nasty ELAN who really deserves your most severe of punishments!

    Your sincerely humble nobody,

  51. Elan

    “I know nothing. Nothing.

    …………. Yes, forget little insignificant me, ………….

    Your sincerely humble nobody,



    A halfwit. And I offer up the half that shows the wit to finally see the truth.

    The sense of humour being the only redeeming feature (which shows in the other half).

    (Not a big shot – a great unwashed community lawyer).

    ………….there is an ‘h’ in whimper btw…………..

  52. Cripes...

    You see, Brotherhood, what did I tell you, such unwashed pettiness must be punished.

  53. CorpAu

    Laurie Ganter,

    It may be stating the bleeding obvious, to maybe you, I and definitely others, but not everyone has the same train of thought / education etc.

    “STEERING” was used as an intended pun in the legal profession.

    Correct, organising society to be submissive is an art before the Roman Times, Hitler sabotaging his own buildings and blaming it on the enemy, A jewish fella torching a synagogue in France having the media jump on the ‘anti-semitic’ bandwagon, etc are all examples of what people would like to believe are ‘conspiracy theories’ rather than facts, and how the media follow a specific agenda.

    On issues of a larger scale (say in government) an official agenda / project funding is given to cover up the real purpose.

    Off the top of my head I can name at least one government project to which I am referring to, but any details will jeopardise the source, and there is no need for it or even significance to the general public.

    Another fraud at the top of my head is worth 7 digits per annum has not seen court time as there is too much influence, and too many people will fall. Something the powers that be will NOT allow to happen.

    The docs contained in the JA’s leaks are amongst other things, opinions of various heads of state, as well as witness reports of various incidents.

    For example, what world action has been taken from the leaked report of
    “Wikileaks Reveals U.S. Tax Dollars Fund Child Sex Slavery in Afghanistan” that has been posted on humantrafficking.change.org.
    It is these so called ‘truths’ that ‘expose’ corrupt government / business dealings that are dealt with contempt, and the ‘illegalities’ of how the documents were obtained rather than the allegations in the content.

    It’s not a strange opinion on how the truth is viewed by me, but rather how the powers that be consider it so.

  54. Laurie Ganter


    I am an OLD in many ways, political worker and defender of our more freer way of life that we have enjoyed in the West.

    I agree with most of your comments in your reply to me.

    However my experience in the many arears where help or actions have gone wrong is because of the poor knowledge of the provider and of his advisors, in understanding the situation of the receiver of such help.
    That is the damage done has been the unintended consequences of the way help was given that leads to the collateral damage; your child sex slave comment above is surely an example.

    I have never known a political leader from my country to set out to make things worse or when it is discovered to try to stop what was started when he saw what he had done.

    I also believe the Assange leaks only give a very small insight into very complicated problems that allows the reader to NOT ever be able to see the TRUTH.

    For example the story of Jack nad Jill can be leaked as Couple assaulted on hill.

    What part of the TRUTH does that provide.

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