Dec 17, 2010

Crikey’s Annual Awards: and the nominees are…

The nominations are in, and they make for an exceedingly good snapshot of the incredible year that was. Good job you lot.


The nominations are in, and they make for an exceedingly good snapshot of the incredible year that was. Good job you lot.


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One thought on “Crikey’s Annual Awards: and the nominees are…

  1. T_Hickock

    The notion that Barack Obama is still considered an amazing President is truly a testament to just how well his silver tongue has hoodwinked everyone. The man is in no way the ‘progressive’ he claimed he was in his ’08 campaign, delivering nothing but total disarmament to the Republican minority in congress and the special interests which buy both parties. Pocket change at best.

    The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have not been ended, nor show any signs of being reduced. Indeed, Obama has expanded the Afghan conflict, both with 30,000 new troops in-country and carrying out secret cross border attacks in to Yemen, Pakistan and Syria using unmanned drones and special forces. The private military presence in Iraq was secretly increased to allow the illusion of an end to the war, where most US combat forces were withdrawn. A clandestine campaign of assassination without trial against both US and foreign citizens also continues in many countries.

    His oft touted successes, “historic” health care and financial reform, reveal to be little of the sort when examined closely. The former was little more than a give-away to big-pharma and the health-insurance lobby, despite the win on banning ‘pre-existing conditions’ as cause to deny cover. No single-payer or public option, promised in his campaign, was introduced to provide competition to private insurance companies. Citizens are forced to buy private insurance and no measures were introduced to ensure premiums do not continue to rise.

    Financial reform also showed complete capitulation to Wall Street and the major banks. Risky derivative trading is still going on and nothing was done to break up ‘too big to fail’ banks. To add insult to injury, Obama is now pushing to continue the Bush-era tax cuts which expect to cost the country over $600 billion. A second great collapse is certainty, but this time with no more public money to bail out failed financial institutions.

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