Rundle, WikiLeaks and Assange:

Steve Crilly writes: Re. “Rundle II: cue the circus and the end of WikiLeaks as we know it” (yesterday, item 2). When did Guy Rundle start channelling Hunter S. Thompson?

Kerri Worthington writes: I don’t understand anything Guy Rundle says.

Clive Palmer:

David Havyatt writes: Re. “Clive Palmer’s magnificent flying machines” (Tuesday, item 11). Tom Cowie’s sceptical article about Clive Palmer’s Zeppelin ambitions may stands in stark contrast to The Economist’s coverage of Skylifter.

The helium required for lifting might well be a scarce element, but at least it is not consumed in providing lift the same way that fossil fuels are in powering jets.

Hardly surprising that Australia has an interest in this field given the quantity of heavy machinery being transported long distances.

Little Richard correction:

Alan Kennedy writes: Re. “Richard Farmer’s chunky bits” (yesterday, item 11). Little Richard threw diamond ring off the Stockton ferry which is best Newcastle. Bit far for O to project.