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Dec 16, 2010

The topless Vatican dancers

This is a has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed video.  Watch a recent performance at the Vatican, where male dancers in tight white pants take off their jackets and perform an acrobatic routi


This is a has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed video.  Watch a recent performance at the Vatican, where male dancers in tight white pants take off their jackets and perform an acrobatic routine topless to Pope Benedict XVI. The nuns wave excitedly and take photos.


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9 thoughts on “The topless Vatican dancers

  1. zut alors

    I dare not watch this for fear it may be too provocative and salacious. The still photo suggests these are retired altar boys on the next phase of their theological career path.

  2. Mike Jones

    They’re not what one might have imagined as topless dancers.

    They look like the tamest acrobats in Christendom. Spiegel tent rejects no doubt.

  3. zut alors

    Mike, what do you mean by

    ‘…not what one might have imagined…’ ?

    Don’t tell us you expected them to be GIRLS – at The Vatican!?

  4. Rena Zurawel

    This is an Anglo-Saxon obsession with sex, preferably perverse. I do not think anybody in Europe would be so ‘concerned’ about the Pope’s reaction to circus acrobats.
    I miss my words to describe the hypocricy of some people who associate every living being with ejaculation.
    And I am not a religious person.
    Topless dancers? The Pope is not Muslim, and not Evangelican, and not a Mormon.
    The next video with the Pope listening to a children choir will probably attract the same reaction in ‘enlightened’., democratic, Western (Anglosaxon) communities.

  5. sparky

    That Vatican is mighty big.

  6. Michelle Imison

    Rena, I’m not going to make any assumptions about your personal background and religious history – so forgive me if I’m telling you anything you already know. Yes, you’re right, the fact that this video is ‘unbelievable’ *is* about sex – but not because it’s perverse, because it’s normal: the Vatican has spent hundreds of years punishing and demonising homosexuality and same-sex acts/attraction – yet all the while homosexuality has been and is a dynamic throughout the Catholic communion.

    So yes, this video is about a certain hypocrisy, but not the one you describe: that the Pope, himself a known homophobe, watches on with great interest while half-dressed young men perform skilled acrobatics is more about his position of power ‘permitting’ him’ to enjoy this spectacle, while ordinary gay men and lesbians within the church are punished for expressing who they are as sexual beings in their daily lives.

  7. nadia.david@ag.gov.au

    That’s the gayest thing I’ve seen since Cher rocked out at Mardi Gras Party a couple of years ago. The Pope looked mighty interested…..not that those acrobats (where was the dancing?) weren’t amazing.

    And does the Vatican remind anyone of the Death Star?


    Lots of old men in dresses, who’ve headed up one of the most sexually perverse and repressive organisations in history, get to stare at some semi-naked, very buff boys clasping each other, and that’s not gay?

    Surely, you’re sh1tting me!

    “Would any of you boys like to come up and get altared…hmm?”


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