You know the story: every morning you wake up, have a shower and then drowsily stumble back into your bedroom, ready to begin dressing for the day. In your current groggy state, you mechanically open the doors to reveal … utter chaos.

Now, I am not trying to generalise here, but I’d say the average person probably does not have the most organised wardrobe. Judging from my own experiences, women especially are met with the sight of despair every time they want to go to work, go to lunch with friends, go on a date, go out dancing … so, most occasions. So, this is dedicated primary to the ladies; gents, you are welcome to also participate, however you will have to be creative in substitution (for example, for dresses, think ties … or something).

So, the first action to take with an erroneous wardrobe is to sort out what you actually still wear, and what hasn’t seen daylight since your childhood hamster’s death. This is also the toughest action you will have to face: the moment you begin shifting through your clothes, you will suddenly remember how beautiful that dress looked — 12 years ago. Yet you will cling to that memory and tell yourself that it doesn’t hurt to keep it a little longer; you can always take it to your nearest tailor and have it remade in the latest fashion. To that I say NO. Get a big black garbage bag, and anything you have not even touched within the past eight months just pack it in, and don’t even consider its merits.

Now that you’ve sorted out your old and unused clothes, you can start to organise the remaining rags according to a certain system. This can include sorting everything out according to colours, seasons, or groups of clothing — dresses in one section, pants in another, jackets further up and so forth. If you really feel bored, or are particularly fastidious, you may choose to employ all three methods by colour coding and categorising your individual groups in seasonal order.

If you have any bags, scarves and jewellery, which I’m sure you’ve managed to accumulate from years of impulse buys and unwanted gifts, throw them away — or hang them artistically on plastic hooks inside your wardrobe. If you’re clever about it, you can layer jewellery and bags on the same hangers to create a visually clashing, yet enhancing, collage of colour and metal.

And bam! You have a wardrobe to rival any Hollywood stars.