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Dec 16, 2010

Asylum seeker boat crash at Christmas Island

Crikey media wrap: A boat carrying up to 100 asylum seekers crashed into cliffs at Christmas Island in terrible weather yesterday, killing 28 people, including women and children. It's a heartbreaking tale, with Christmas Island locals providing distressing first-person accounts.


A boat carrying up to 100 asylum seekers crashed into cliffs at Christmas Island in terrible weather yesterday, killing 28 people, including women and children. It’s a heartbreaking tale, with graphic photos and videos showing people desperately trying keep themselves afloat as the boat smashed into debris on the cliffs.

The navy managed to rescue 44 people — all Iraqis and Iranians — from the waters, with 11 of those being under 18. The number of dead could rise as bodies are still being collected.

Christmas Island locals gathered on the cliffs attempting to help the asylum seekers, throwing life jackets against the strong winds. They provided deeply distressing first-person accounts of the tragedy.

Dive shop owner Simon Prince recounted: “At first it looked like they were OK… The backwash from the cliffs was keeping it away from the rocks. They were just being washed backwards and forwards”. There was a really sickening crack, he told The Australian: “It was something I’ll never forget. Next thing you know, the boat heads away. It didn’t break up immediately . . . it was repeatedly smashed into the cliffs.”

“It was near cyclone conditions — there was rain, wind and the ocean all pounding against the cliff. It would have been suicidal for us to dive in and it was so frustrating not being able to do more to help… Even the conditions up on the cliff were dangerous for the volunteers trying to help. The navy was busy with other asylum seekers on the other side of the island so it was just us there to try to help them,” Prince told The West Australian.

“I saw a person dying in front of me and there was nothing we could do to save them,” Christmas Island councillor Kamar Ismai told The Age. “Babies, children maybe three or four years old, they were hanging on to bits of timber, they were screaming ‘Help, help, help’. We were throwing lifejackets out to them but many of them couldn’t swim a few metres to reach them.”

Another local Mick Tassone said: “I saw a lot of things that could have been people… It’s very hazy and raining. I wouldn’t doubt a lot of them were bodies.

“By the time I got down there and saw what was going on, there was debris and people everywhere with life jackets on and so forth but a lot of screaming and carrying on,” electrician Michael Foster told the ABC. “With the horrendous seas as they are, the only thing that people could do from the mainland was really throw life jackets back into the water or just advise them to swim away from the rocks.

“There was one very small child with a lifejacket on floating face down in the water for a very long time … clearly dead,” Prince told The Sydney Morning Herald.

The pundits were quick to comment. “The Gillard Government has blood on its hands. Prime Minister Julia Gillard should resign,” proclaims Andrew Bolt in the Herald Sun.

“No politicians wanted to be seen to be taking political advantage from the tragic sinking of the people-smuggling vessel. But there will be a political cost, and in every sense the Labor government can expect to pay that cost,” declares Dennis Shanahan in The Australian.

Why was this boat allowed to get so close to those cliffs, asks David Marr in the The Age? “The cliffs of Christmas Island are killers. Everyone who lives there, trades with the island and patrols its waters knows that when the wind is blowing onshore no one can land in Flying Fish Cove perhaps for weeks at a time. The key mystery of this tragedy is how that boat was allowed near those cliffs in that filthy weather.”

Richard Farmer offers some advice to PM Gillard on The Stump this morning:

When a Prime Minister returns early from holidays you can be sure that the primary reason is damage control. There is absolutely nothing that Julia Gillard personally can do to make the tragic situation on the shores of Christmas Island any better. Her task is purely and simply to try and ensure that yesterday’s deaths do not revive the issue of boat people in a way that seriously damages the standing of her government.

A good starting point for her reading this morning would be the latest WikiLeak cables published in the Fairfax press and in particular the advice given to her predecessor Kevin Rudd by Peter Khalil who was his foreign policy/national security adviser when in Opposition. As American diplomats reported back to Washington:

“In opposition, he advised Rudd to attack the amount of money spent on the Pacific Solution, but this was vetoed by senior party figures. Khalil predicted Rudd will ‘get hit’ by the public on this issue … he contended internal politics made it virtually impossible for Rudd to significantly strengthen border protection laws.”

In another leaked WikiLeaks cable reported in The Age today: “…an unnamed ‘key Liberal Party strategist’ told US diplomats in November 2009 that the issue of asylum seekers was ‘fantastic’ for the Coalition and ‘the more boats that come the better’.”

Tragedies like these don’t show well for either side of politics.


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20 thoughts on “Asylum seeker boat crash at Christmas Island

  1. AdamNeira

    “Gillard Goverment has blood on its hands”, says Andrew Bolt from the Herald Sun.

    Andrew Bolt could not be more wrong. He must have written this to provoke a reaction in the media marketplace. The Great Southern Land is a magnet for many people. The government is not responsible for every human being in the world who will do anything to get here. The deaths are a terrible tragedy. Australia has a right to its sovereignty and a well defined, protected border. There is way too much apportioning of blame in this country on the wrong targets. Some perspective is required.

  2. arnold ziffel

    Interesting to hear discussion on Philip Clark’s ABC radio program this morning – he’s a refugee from commercial radio now back in the ABC fold.
    He appears to have picked up bad habits from his former shock-jock mates – repeatedly asserting that these are ‘illegal boat people’, with the stop-the-boats, trash-the-UN-Convention theme that’s almost universal now.
    Ian Rintoul and others interviewed fortunately were able to reinforce the message that this incident could have been averted via a proper refugee assessment and settlement program based in Indonesia and elsewhere.

  3. Ty

    Come on Abbot, I dare you…

    “What this latest event clearly shows, upsetting though it is… is that not only will these people throw their children overboard… they will even crash their boat into a cliff and die in tragic numbers with their ILLEGAL attempts to reach OUR country. Furthermore, such actions are hardly those of a reasonable people. And so, we can conclude that they are radical extremists. Our thanks goes to those brave cliffs who sustained considerable personal injury in protecting OUR SHORES.”

    I’m upset that Australia’s attitudes towards these desperate people have made me so cynical.

  4. Shooba

    TY, it’s be funny if it weren’t a possibility!

    Alternatively, in my blind optimism, I’m hoping for either Gillard or Abbott to come out and say:

    “This is a terrible tragedy and our thoughts go first to those lost and their families. Secondly, this is not a time for political spin or one-upping each other – This is a time to help those who survived. In time, we will have to investigate the circumstances that lead to this tragedy. We will then take steps to try and prevent this from ever happening again. Whether that involves more stringent naval policy, extended surveillance or a tougher policy on asylum seekers arriving by boat, we cannot say for certain at the moment. Decisions such as these should be based on reason, not hysteria.”

    Aaaah the folly of youth. If I were a betting man I would place money on TY’s theoretical response, not my own.

  5. Johnfromplanetearth

    And here we have that imbecile David Marr blaming the Navy! Bloody idiot!

  6. Holden Back

    Here’s a thought exercise which maybe useful. Let’s assume, until proven otherwise, that the dead were Christian Iraqis and Iranians.

  7. Peter Phelps

    The Left got its policy prescritpion wrong – deadly wrong.

    Conversely, Morrison, Bolt and Blair got it right – tragically right.

    You just can’t handle the truth, Lefties, and now you seek refuge in silence (“now is not the time…”) or obfuscation (“the navy should have intervened…”).

    Congratulations on the brave, new world you made.

  8. Juffy

    Shooba – actually, Wayne Swan said something pretty similar last night on 7:30 report. Not a single bit of partisan bollocks in his entire response, I was…mildly stunned.

  9. sickofitall

    No Marilyn Shepherd? But I know her rage will be palpable, as well it should be. I’m too sad to be angry. But this is disgraceful.

  10. SBH

    JohnFPE Marr doesn’t blame the navy he just asks why this happened.

    Peter Phelps, beneath contempt

  11. GeeWizz

    If Howards responsible for the Siev X which sank in International Waters in Indonesia’s search and rescue zone, Gillard can take this one on the chin.

    Remember Howard stopped the boats, Gillard encouraged them. The left can’t demand that they recieve no criticism when THEIR policies are directly responsible for the deaths of individuals.

  12. Elan

    ‘The LEFT’ ‘The RIGHT’, Marr, Bolt.

    When their lungs were filling with water,-and some were being bashed against the rocks;-I wonder if they thought ‘ ha! I bet this will foul up Gillard’s Chrissy hols’ ?

    I wonder if they thought ‘watch how the Right will blame the Left, and the Left blame the Right?

    I wonder if they thought ‘ this will give Marr and Bolt something to write about’ ?

    I wonder if they thought-just before they died,-‘you can bet your boots, someone will have a go at Marilyn Shepherd if she doesn’t post straight away’ ?

    I wonder if they thought ‘at least we’re good for stimulating debate’ ?

    I wonder if they thought that?

    Or perhaps they just made a big fuss screaming

    and then they died.

  13. Tamo

    GeeWizz, we don’t know who was responsible for the loss of the SIEV X. The Senate enquiry was closed down before it was able to make any finding. I don’t know why the Senate didn’t want to know.

  14. Tamo

    Peter Phelps: Did Jesue get it right or get it wrong?

  15. Gary Johnson

    No room at the inn says far more than you would ever imagine. It’s their blood-line, there in lies the real issue, their origin just masks a greater truth.

    Esau is determined to steal back the birth-right that he sold for a bowl of lentil stew….too deep? Edom has infiltrated, that much we know, so who are the “Holy People”?…Strange “daze” indeed….would that be the same ones being denied legal process?

    Echelon has no intention of giving protected service or safe passage to these people…it’s just not on the agenda, as we await the cover-up.

  16. shepherdmarilyn

    Elan, I just bet they had never heard of me.

  17. elcidmademedoit

    I thought that GJ was just being his abnormal nutcase self, but then I read where that ancient master of historical record…Josephus, states unequivically, that Herod, ( there were several ) the one in office in the Holy Land between zero and 3 CE and the one who ordered the slaughter of all male babies 2 years of age and under in pursuit of the fore-told Messiah, was infact an Edomite and not a Jw at all except by nominal conversion, itself only a political convenience.

    Now I understand.

  18. Who Are You?


    Where’s the link?

  19. zimmerman

    a bipartisan committee? Hawker Britten playbook clause 3.2a…”FFS how can we dilute the blame?…………”


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