Despite being granted bail from a British court in London today, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange remains in prison where he will be held for at least another 48 hours.

Swedish prosecutors appealed Magistrate Howard Riddle’s decision to release Assange under strict conditions – including wearing satellite tracking tags and reporting to local police every day – and will take their case to the British High Court.

Crikey’s roving political correspondent Guy Rundle was there, mingling with European journalists and wading through the court room chaos while live-tweeting a blow-by-blow account of the day’s dramatic proceedings. Here are his tweets, which began around 11pm EDT.

10:50pm: Crikey’s Guy Rundle is outside magistrates court for Assange’s next appearance. Stay tuned…

11:12pm: Rundle here, tis noon in the UK. World’s press scrumming into court for Assange hearing.

11:19pm: Assange to appear at 2pm, chaos in corridors, press in revolt

11:21pm: European press the worst. Like Vienna after WW2. Spivs and hookers.

11:34pm: Press masquerading as general public, trying to look normal. Failing.

11:42pm: Christine Assange just appeared in building.

11:47pm: ‘where do you live’, Russian journo is asked. ‘Cancer Rise’. She means Kensal Rise but right the first time.

12:09am: Great camaraderie among journos in public queue – blitz spirit.

12:18am: Tall blondes pushing in queue for court. High school redux.

12:28am: Assange speaks from cell – visa, paypal etc are puppets of state. Always with the puppets…

12:35am: Bianca Jagger in the house.

12:40am: Geoffrey Robertson arrives, can’t get in, pounds on door theatrically.

12:42am: Phones switched off inside now, tune in for more later.

2:49am: Assange must live at the country house of Vaughan Smith, @frontlineclub founder

2:52am: Hanif Kureishi says that the moral of the story is: don’t have sex in Sweden.

2:54am: Tariq Ali denounces security tag conditions as absurd.

3:00am: Crowd outside goes wild but it’s just someone with grey hair leaving.

4:05am: £200k cash needed for bail, Assange’s lawyer says send money to Westminster magistrate’s court.

4:06am: “Prosecution becoming a persecution”, says Assange’s lawyer Mark Stephens.

4:06am: Can confirm Swedish govt not appealing bail. Assange free when cash is delivered to court.

4:28am: Confusion reigns: we’re hearing that the Swedes will appeal within 48 hours.

5:44am: Confusion and reversal – Swedes have appealed. Assange on remand. Court of appeal hearing Thursday.

7:29am: Swedes definitely appealing Assange bail. Reversal denied by sources, claim miscommunication between them and CPS