Terry McCrann angrily types that “Sunday December 12 2010 is a date which will live on in stupidity.”

Why? Well, Treasurer Wayne Swan released his fairly mild rebuke to the banks, and the Climate Minister Greg Combet decided not to make Australia a global pariah by signing us up to the fairly mild Cancun agreement – along with most of the rest of the developed world.

Or, in McCrann-land:

In sum, we didn’t just have two cabinet ministers embrace stupidity on the same day. But embrace it on a truly breathtaking scale.

Further, what each proposes is in its way a direct assault on the nation. Swan and Combet individually, and the Gillard Government collectively, stand accused of betraying the national interest and every single Australian.

The rest of the rant is filled with childish puns (“Cantcun”), insults and ludicrous hyperbole (they’re going to “effectively close Australia down”).

It’s an interesting piece of polemic, because it doesn’t even try to persuade – you’re either on board with his team already, or you’re “stupid”.

He’s an angry man, our Terry.