Who wants to head up CPR? Labor lobbying firm CPR is in need of resuscitation following the removal of  founder and chairman Adam Kilgour by troubled parent company Photon a few months ago. Several high-profile competitors have been approached in recent weeks by Photon with lucrative offers to head up the firm, but it seems no one is willing to take on the role.

WikiLeaks’ Fairfax relationship. I understand from a friend that Julian Assange had tried to do a deal with The Age, which backfired.  He was apparently (the information dates from a week or two ago, obviously before he was in jail) furious with the Fairfax press for reasons undisclosed to me but that may be revelatory of why the cables contain zero details from the US embassy in Australia but doesn’t explain why the cables haven’t since been made public.

Ten gets serious — seriously. A bitter war is breaking out in the Channel Ten newsroom between the new 6pm news show and just about everyone else. Word is there’s massive discontent over the elitist attitude being displayed by those working on the “serious” news  program.

Waste not, want not. There are some red faces at the Victoria government’s Metro Waste Management Group over its latest funding application on recycling and waste reduction for local government.  The online form doesn’t allow applicants to save a copy to their own computer. Instead applicants for this EOI are only permitted by the website to print out a paper copy if they wish to keep a record.