Crikey is picking through the WikiLeaks cables currently available, categorising them into different subjects and grabbing the most potent highlights from each, plus the reaction -- if any -- that embarrassed governments are giving. For your perusal, here's the juiciest of the cables discussing climate change, compiled by Bernard Keane: CABLECODE#: 09STATE63860 Date: 2009-06-19 Diplomatic Security Daily Key point: Cyber attacks on US climate change negotiators – as covered in media reports, US Cop-15 negotiators came under “spear-phishing” attacks via email, sourced from China. CABLECODE#: 10BRUSSELS4 Date: 2010-01-04 Ambassador to EU’s Meeting with EU President van Rompuy Key point: Van Rompuy called the Copenhagen Conference a "disaster in which Europe was excluded and mistreated" and "an incredible disaster"; Mexico COP 16 "would be a disaster as well", "proposed coming to an agreement between the EU and the United States during the possible upcoming U.S. - EU Summit in Madrid, and then approaching China to achieve a workable solution." Partly blamed lack of single European voice.


CABLECODE#: 10THEHAGUE54 Date: 2010-01-28 Netherlands: Support For Copenhagen Accord Key point: EU divisions over climate targets. Dutch environment minister broadly happy with Copenhagen outcome, trying to engage developing countries. Climate negotiator Kaasjager "was taken aback by the sight of European leaders (e.g., PM Brown and Chancellor Merkel) hovering around the VIP room sofas where the Chinese, Indian, South African, and Brazilian representatives were consulting, trying in vain to get pull asides with the BASIC leaders." EU performance poor. Very concerned about lack of follow-through from donor countries on climate financing will be used by developing countries to thwart further progress.