For the life of me I cannot see the difference between a website called Wikileaks publishing material received from an informant and newspapers publishing the very same material received via Wikileaks.  If Wikileaks has committed an offence then so have the media outlets.

How weak of our Prime Minister Julia Gillard to pretend there is a difference.

AAP reports that Ms Gillard has again been unable to name any Australian laws broken by the WikiLeaks website or its founder Julian Assange. Asked directly what Australian laws had been broken by either WikiLeaks or Mr Assange, Ms Gillard said the Australian Federal Police were investigating.

“The foundation stone of it is an illegal act,” Ms Gillard told reporters today.

But the “foundation stone” was the leaking of the documents to the website, not the publishing of the cables

“It would not happen, information would not be on WikiLeaks, if there had not been an illegal act undertaken,” Ms Gillard said.

It is widely assumed the man responsible for the leaks is a US soldier who is already in prison for previous leaks.

“It’s grossly irresponsible and anybody who looks at the pages of today’s newspaper and sees that things like critical infrastructure lists are being put on WikiLeaks … would understand how grossly irresponsible this is,” Ms Gillard said.

What complete and utter tosh. Go on Julia. Don’t be so weak. Don’t just hound Julian Assange. Get stuck into all the newspaper editors and television and radio news directors as well. Have them all put in the slammer for daring to let people know the truth.