The Herald Sun’s freedom of information specialist, Andrew Bolt, seems to be having a difficult time choosing where he stands on Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange.

One minute Assange is “Drawing up a suggestion list for Osama”, which presumably should be condemned, but the next he’s worth quoting because a different cable reveals “The US on Rudd: a blundering “control freak””.

One day in Boltworld, “Assange is the neo-con’s friend”, and a week later “Assange arrested. The Leftist tribe protects its own”.

You have to hand it to Andrew, he knows how to give his readers everything that they want. He condemns Wikileaks when it suits his need to take a swipe at ‘the Left”, or as he put it today, “the class of the Perpetually Irresponsible.”, but he has no qualms about republishing information from Wikileaks when it helps him make an argument.