Money talks.  But when it comes to FIFA and bidding for a World Cup, money not only talks, it sings sweet corrupting love songs that, like a siren from a  Greek legend, lures crusty old white men from FIFA to host the World’s biggest sporting event in Qatar.


WTF FIFA. I mean seriously.

Australians aren’t happy.

Even James Shugg, Senior Economist for Westpac in London, wasn’t happy, telling ABC overnights that Qatar “probably can pay bigger bribes.” Let’s hope Qatar doesn’t bank with Westpac.

Although Qatar, as you’d expect, went nuts at the news:


Let’s have a look at Qatar:

  • It’s the quarter of the size of Tasmania
  • There’s probably Tasmanians there living as migrant workers
  • It has a population of 1.6 million — similar to that of Perth
  • It hasn’t built the stadiums or accommodation yet to host the World Cup.
  • It’s very hot there
  • Qatar is flush with money.
  • FIFA likes money

I’m a bit pissed. I’m pleased for the Qataris, it must be a very proud moment for their nation but FIFA, come on, Qatar?

It will be the Playstation World Cup.


The only good news is that England didn’t win the right to host the 2018 World Cup. That privilege went to Russia.

And Australia got one vote. One.