These two in the same room? This promotional video/press release for Mix 106.5 must’ve cost them in a bomb — The Sunday Telegraph‘s Ros Reines and Daily Telegraph‘s Annette Sharp can’t stand each other …


Apart from a rent-a-crowd of sponsors’ tables and other hangers-on, Fairfax’s “Sports Performer Awards” at Melbourne’s Palladium on Tuesday night was almost empty for the bizarre announcement that Geoff Huegill was a better sports performer than Mark Webber in 2010. Huegill pocketed $50,000 from a cash-strapped Fairfax.¬† The strange awards were attended by Fairfax CEO Brian McCarthy,¬† SMH‘s Lloyd Whish-Wilson, and Age CEO Don Churchill. They’re the creation of marketing consultant Hamish McLachlan, who is said to be paid an annual retainer that outdoes some of the paper’s leading sports journalists — the awards continue to struggle, lacking¬† gravitas in sports-mad Melbourne. Advertising and marketing staff were bemused to see McLachlan on Tuesday evening as they say he is rarely sighted in The Age‘s offices.

Bendigo Hospital has rejected the $400,000 state home-birth trial because two of the six consultant obstetricians threaten to resign if it is conducted. The rest of the obstetricians were relatively supportive of the program, until this threat occurred. Bendigo is perfectly positioned to run the trial because it has: 1) the MAMTA program where midwives are already working one-on-one with women. The trial would simply be an extension of this program. 2) Bendigo has good to staff with the required expertise and willingness to participate in the trial, including several current and former staff who work in a private home-birth practice, which has an excellent relationship with the hospital. The MAMTA program is already overbooked, and has had excellent results in terms of avoiding birth complications. Every natural birth delivered in the hospital saves hospital beds due to recovery times, and keeps the operating theatre free. Home births can also save hospital beds.

I was a bit shocked to find SPAM mail (Ugg boots, Chanel bags and Air Jordan shoes to name just a couple) posing as comments in the ABC Radio National editor’s blog. Does RN really know so little about social media as to be posting SPAM as comments or is it just incredibly slack?