Dec 2, 2010

Note to The Australian: Twitter is not a newspaper

When Oz editor Chris Mitchell complains that Julie Posetti didn’t contact him to get his side of the story before tweeting, he completely misses the point.

Stilgherrian — Technology writer and broadcaster


Technology writer and broadcaster

Look, I don’t want to have a go at The Australian. Really. I don’t. But with Posetti-Twittergate, and then Geoff Elliott having a go at Jonathan Powles for his tweet that echoed the  #iamspartacus thing with Paul Chambers, one thing seems certain. The newspaper doesn’t understand that Twitter is not a newspaper.

The folks at The Oz are not alone. Sadly, there’s still plenty of established media outlets just like them — seemingly insistent on defining journalism in terms of their specific workflows that produce their specific media outputs. They look at Twitter, see that it’s different, and reckon it’s wrong because… it’s different. Well, der.

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14 thoughts on “Note to The Australian: Twitter is not a newspaper

  1. Pete from Sydney

    Hey they don’t hate you they may dislike you, but they don’t hate you, most think twitter is almost always irrelevant dross, generally a conversation about themselves…

    Martin Weller needs to get a grip on something other than his phone

  2. kuke

    Yes, that paragraph from Martin Weller is perhaps one of the best on the topic.

  3. Pete from Sydney


  4. Benno Rice

    @Pete: I actually think that that view of Twitter feeds in to the hatred that outfits like The Australian have for the medium. At first glance it seems like a large pile of irrelevant rubbish so when it turns around and collectively dismantles and/or mocks your carefully built narrative it’s an even larger slap in the face than it would otherwise be.

  5. Jim Reiher

    Old media hates new media. It intimidates them. they cant control what is said. They cant edit it to reflect conservative values, and they hate the possibility that people who twitter, also use other electronic media and just maybe DONT BUY NEWSPAPERS any more.

    Newspapers will become old school sooner not later. There are much more effective ways (with less control, and less editing, and less bias towards old conservative values – oh and less profits for the billionaire owners of old media) to communicate these days.

  6. klewso

    “Tough Twitties”!
    It seems they see Twitter as competition? And on content (both theirs and Twitter’s), with the personal spin of it’s contributors, I suppose they do have a point!
    The line between “journalism” and “op-ed hackery” has been so blurred – but which institution did so much for that outcome? Who paid it’s employees to do it? Who made it a “profession”? Who “Limited News”?

  7. klewso

    “They” probably hate the fact that they can’t control the agenda, most of all – why they hate the likes of Wikileaks so vehemently – it’s going to be harder to get away with their lies, obfuscation and fudging like the good old days.

  8. Ronnie

    This is what Twitter will look like after #twitdef:

  9. Daniel

    Reminder that more people use and read Twitter than have ever read The Australian. Hahahahahahahahahahaha

  10. Daniel

    More people wanna read about what Stephen Fry had for breakfast than want to read Imre Salusinszky’s latest barfpiece about some boring tripe nobody cares about. Owned, Murdoch…..just owned.

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