Hello My Tiny Christmas Baubles,

This is your annual Christmas message from everybody’s favourite present laden Christmas Uncle, Uncle OntheMoon. Eek! It’s that magical time of year and once again we are happily trotting out another Crikey Advent Calendar! Deck the halls!

The theme for this years calendar is Commercialisation and how sad it is that people trying to flog their adorable Christmas Book has taken over from the true message of Christmas which as we all know is that the best present to give is a hilarious, quirky, yet gentle and whimsical fun for all the family interpretation of the Christmas Story and also there is something baby jesus or something.

So take a moment every day EVERY DAY to drop by the Crikey Advent Calendar AND CLICK ON IT because it will be updated EVERY DAY with tiny adorable CHRISTMAS MIRACLES and possible SHOUTING.

Joy to the world.

Uncle Onthemoon