Dec 1, 2010

WikiLeaks cheat sheet: the most explosive stuff dropped so far

As news agencies throughout the world scramble to be the first to break the most scandalous, outrageous or bizarre cables, here are a few of the best so far, writes Crikey intern Alison Drew-Foster.

To recap: the US Cables dropped by WikiLeaks on Sunday November 28 contain 251,287 cables from 250 US embassies. Five publications — The Guardian, The New York Times, Le Monde, El País and Der Spiegel — were granted prior access to the cables on condition of agreed timelines for release. As news agencies throughout the world scramble to be the first to break the most scandalous, outrageous or bizarre cables, here are a few of the best so far as sourced from The Guardian (UK) and The Daily Beast (US):

  • Pakistan nuclear fears: “The latest cache of US embassy cables released by WikiLeaks contains warnings that Pakistan is rapidly building its nuclear stockpile despite the country’s growing instability and “pending economic catastrophe”.The ambassador starkly informed Washington that “no amount of money” from the US would stop the Pakistani army backing Islamist militants and the Afghan Taliban insurgency.

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2 thoughts on “WikiLeaks cheat sheet: the most explosive stuff dropped so far

  1. David

    • [Hillary commissioned UN spies: Clinton wanted diplomats to snoop out credit-card numbers, frequent-flyer details, schedules, email addresses, cellphone numbers, and even DNA of the members of the UN Security Council, according to the documents. That includes UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, about whom the secretary of state requested information on “management and decision-making style and his influence on the secretariat”.]

    No wonder Hills was quick to tell the media she would have the person(s) leaking the documents to WikiLeaks hunted down…perhaps more of the same still to come?

  2. AR

    Just as an intellectual exercise, consider this – Israel has less to fear from Iran, the best educated, most civilised & western looking country (theocratic gerontocracy notwithstanding) in that benighted region than the teeming multitudes of ignorant & oppressed in Arab nations – without exception satraps of the US, primarily but not exclusively – whose rulers can only keep the lid on by positing Israel as the source of all their woes and through massive food subsidies, from the EU surpluses and straight US cash – Egypt received $3B in the last year of Shrub’s reign (Israel $4B but an interesting comparison, no?).
    Saudi king sez “Iran is the source of evil” (not Israel, imagine dat..!) so could someone remind me again how many Iranians were involved in 9/11? I seem to recall it was 17 Saudis and 2 Egyptians, both stalwart friends of the Great Shaitan.
    Although, in the ME, Sunnis are a majority overall, in some countries the Shia are sizeable, and restive, minorities and in Iraq an overwhelming majority. (There are more muslims in India, or Indonesia, than Arabs – not all of whom are muslim – on this particular planet but that’s another story.)
    Would it be too Machiavellian/Byzantine to suggest that Iran bogey is necessary to keep the puppet national rulers dependent on US hegemony. They may, for internal domestic reasons, stoke the anti Israel fires of the “arab street” but must not let it get out of control, otherwise it’ll be the Groundhog Six Day War all over again. Look how well that worked out in 1967 – Syria still doesn’t have back the Golan Heights from which tactical GtG missiles can easily reach Damascus.
    Cui bono? That black sticky stuff, OIL, is most easily available from Saudi Arabia for about the next 40-50yrs, then all bets, and protection, are gorrnnn. By which time Iran will have rejoined the western fold, allied to Israel as it was under the CIA’s poodle the Shah, following the return of their diaspora, cashed up and even better educated. Arabs will be abandoned to sink back into the 12thC irrelevance from which oil temporarily lifted them.

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