Northern Territory

Dec 1, 2010

NT police get it all wrong at Alpurrurulam

A Northern Territory police memo, advising the Alpurrurulam community that they were banned from a nearby cattle station, was not authorised and held no legal authority.

Bob Gosford — Editor of The Northern Myth

Bob Gosford

Editor of The Northern Myth

Last Wednesday afternoon Brevet Sergeant Allan Duncan, officer-in-charge of the Alpurrurulam police station, posted this NT Police memo outside the store of the small Northern Territory township of Alpurrurulam:


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3 thoughts on “NT police get it all wrong at Alpurrurulam

  1. Meski

    There’s someone in every community / block of apartments, whatever that puts up notices like that. The best thing you can do is tear them down quickly before they upset too many people.

  2. MLF

    Yeah, and a memo like that maybe wouldn’t look out of place in a primary school.

    But from law enforcement? To an entire community? Its a disgrace.

  3. Bob Durnan

    So what’s the story then? That naive isolated cops sometimes make mistakes? or that Gosford is a superior intellect and is compelled by honour to tell the breathless world about the great threatening evil contained within this single minor authoritarian act, for which the poor Brevet sod had already been humiliated??

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