KFC has been running a Twitter competition for high school students in the US, in which contestants are asked to tweet why they deserve a $20,000 KFC scholarship to go to college.

Apparently, KFC has had 2,800 applications and a winner will be announced any day.

But Croakey will not let this competition die. Not when it has such huge potential. (Plus a special Croakey prize is on offer.*)

What messages would you like to send KFC?

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If you are already familiar with the Twitterverse, simply include the tag #KFCScholar on your Tweet.

If you are not on Twitter, send in your suggestions as comments to Croakey via the comments section or email me direct (melissaATsweetcommunication.com.au), and I will Tweet and post them on your behalf.

Just remember to keep your pithy, subversive message to 127 characters or less, so there is room to include #KFCScholar.

Below are some initial entries….

KFC: brought to you daily by over 1 million dead caged battery hens. From their sad life to yours!
Professor Simon Chapman, University of Sydney

What does KFC stand for? Keep Fat Coming? Killed For Corporate gain? #KFCScholar
Professor Louise Baur, obesity expert

What was once “Finger Lickin’ Good” – is now “Artery Cloggin’ Grease” #KFCScholar
Becky Freeman, University of Sydney

I would like to be a #KFCScholar so I don’t have to get a minimum wage job at KFC.
Ben Harris-Roxas, University of NSW

I want to be a #KFCScholar because I got thrown out of the McDonalds Learningversity.

Bucket fillin’, grease givin’, salt spillin’, gut bustin’, profit makin’ junk!
Jane Landon of the UK National Heart Forum

#KFCScholar:  were u go wen u Kant Fund Collige
Josh Pereira, Community Nutritionist and Health Promotion Practitioner

#KFCScholar: Kids Fed Crap pack on Kilos for Future Coronary – Killed by Fatty Chicken while Kapitalist Franchise Collects Fortune
Dr Christopher Jordens, senior lecturer, bioethics, University of Sydney

KFC Scholar Twitter competition: KFC graduate to specialize in health/social benefits of deep fried chicken

KFC — shaping our future: What’s on the menu? obesity, liposuction, gastric banding, bypass surgery, renal dialysis…
Dr Christina Pollard, Curtin University

* For the best Tweet, a free book (you can choose between a selection of health-related titles)

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