Nov 29, 2010

Rundle: the world changed this week. And it’s only Monday

When the diplomatic correspondence of an entire nation can be loaded onto a memory stick, then security is only as good as the least 'dependable' individual in the whole chain.

Guy Rundle — Correspondent-at-large

Guy Rundle


Wikileaks has commenced a release of its file of US diplomatic cables, with The Guardian, New York Times, Der Spiegel and other outlets publishing reports based on around 250,000 key documents in the cache.

They reveal a range of facts and statements that will be embarrassing and more, not only to the US administration, but to a range of other governments. Prominent among the cables are instructions to US diplomats to spy on other nations’ delegates to the UN, and find ways to gain key information about them including their fingerprints and credit card numbers. Other nations’ government officials were also to be spied on by US diplomatic staff in national missions elsewhere.

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28 thoughts on “Rundle: the world changed this week. And it’s only Monday

  1. Paul Ferraro

    “The US and other governments have repeatedly petitioned Wikileaks not to release the cables, and argued that it would put ‘countless’ *lies* at risk.”

    Freudian slip, perhaps?

  2. moonkid

    it would put ‘countless’ lies at risk

    Lovely slip 🙂

    I too, can’t help but applaud the release of this information. If it can do something to shatter the illusion that many people still seem to have that there are “good countries” and “bad countries”, then that will be a huge win.

  3. moonkid

    Ha, beaten to the punch, Paul.

  4. klewso

    Ditto (Paul and the Moon) – and probably the main concern?
    If your actions are the sort that you are not prepared to own up to and defend in public, if they cause you shame – if you’ve been carrying on like those you publicly stand against – as so many “governments” have been doing operating in this twilight moral-free zone, while wallowing in hypocrisy – what are you doing “playing the game”, “democracy”, representing voting constituents? “Everybody” might be doing it but some are doing more than others to get ahead, going one step further each time, what is “at the bottom”?

  5. klewso

    “The White House”?
    Who leaked Plame’s (one of their own) name in retalliation for her husband, Joe Wilson, telling a few more embarrassing truths?


    Tell me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall Dick Cheney suffering a moment’s doubt before outing Valerie Plame, putting all of her contacts in jeopardy, simply to get back her husband for disclosing the truth to the public.

    When the VP of the USA is prepared to use these techniques for political intimidation, it’s rather ironic that the current administration should cry foul about the possibility of someone being put at risk, especially as Assange has offered to redact the documents to protect them.

  7. shepherdmarilyn

    I listened to the moronic woman at ABC today interview the journo at the NYT whining about “putting lives at risk” with these documents.

    Again. Do these morons not get that it is because of the lies in we are peddled that are revealed in these cables that more than 1 million people have been slaughtered, millions are homeless, millions are widowed and orphaned and maimed and their countries destroyed.

    Talk about snivellingly stupid.

  8. zut alors

    Guy, you originally wrote this (before the typo was corrected to ‘lives’ on the website):

    “The US and other governments have repeatedly petitioned Wikileaks not to release the cables, and argued that it would put ‘countless’ lies at risk.”

    This is the better version.

  9. Robert Garnett

    As Sir Humphey said “If people don’t know what you are doing they don’t know what you are doing wrong”.

    He also said “It’s more democratic to do things secretly”???

  10. Davo

    No defenders of the Bush administration? No? Carry on.

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