Support for the government's building of a National Broadband Network has strengthened in the last 12 months according to today's Essential Report, with 69% of voters believing the NBN's construction is important, and 25% of voters seeing it as "not so important" or not important at all. The comparable figures in November 2009 were 65% and 26%. About 35% of voters now see the NBN as "very important", up five points over the year.

There is also a strong perception that the NBN will be of widespread benefit, with voters having strengthened in their view of who will gain from the construction of the network. About 84% of voters believe the network will be of benefit to Australian business, including 55% who believe it will be of "great benefit", compared to 80% a year ago; 78% believe it will benefit the general public (76% in 2009), 65% believe it will benefit them personally (66% a year ago) and 71% believe it will benefit the economy, up from 65%. More than 70% believe it will benefit children and 78% believe it will benefit schools, including 48% who believe it will "greatly benefit" schools.