Yesterday was all about Mike Hussey’s mojo. No one knew where it went. Rumours circulated that his mojo had gone into hiding after a brief fling with Tiger Woods. Other stories indicated his mojo had burnt out, only to return as an assistant coach at Essendon. Unconfirmed reports placed his mojo in a Chilean mine.

Hussey's mojo before the Ashes
Hussey's mojo before the Ashes

Regardless of where his mojo went — it’s back.

Mr Cricket guided Australia to 5/220, with the great Western Australian contributing 81 as he remained not out at the close of play. It could have been all over for Hussey first ball, but cricket — like life itself — has a funny way of making things happen. What would have been a first ball duck (and perhaps the second last innings of his career) has become the bedrock from which Australia can launch its Ashes victory.

Funny huh?

What’s not funny is Marcus North.

Let’s make a list of things more reliable than Marcus North:

  1. National Australia Bank’s account system
  2. Fox News
  3. Qantas A380s
  4. Charlie Sheen

Anyway, today comes down to how well England will bowl. If they lose their shit, Australia will pile on the runs and take the game away from England. If they bowl well and take early wickets we have a Test match.

Here in Melbourne it is wet. Very wet. I’m off to play cricket even though there is less than zero chance of me actually playing cricket today. So I will jump in later on to add in whatever updates I can.

Let’s hope Hussey makes a big hundred.

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