The far-right Australia First Party, which was revealed yesterday seeking to exploit resentment toward the proposed Inverbrackie immigration detention facility by letterboxing a viciously anti-refugee pamphlet, has started publicly identifying “supporters” of the Inverbrackie immigration facility as part of its effort to “mobilize” the people of the Adelaide Hills against asylum seekers.

The party, which stood candidates in Queensland in the recent Federal election, has distributed a pamphlet in the Adelaide Hills that refers to a refugee “invasion” and calls for a “community strike” to ostracise anyone who supports the facility. It claims the Government is “handing over army bases” to “cashed-up ‘asylum seekers'” as part of “recolonization of your land”.


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The party attacked Adelaide Hills mayor Bill Spragg on its website after he told the ABC the council was considering taking legal action to prevent further distributions of the material. The party declared “Australia First refuses to bow to intimidation”.

Yesterday it listed a number of individuals whom it declares, without any evidence, “would permit the Inverbrackie refugee processing centre to come into being”. “People in the Adelaide Hills need to be fully aware who stands in the people’s cause and who stands against (for whatever reason) the interest of the Australian People,” the site goes on to declare.

The website, which was hastily set up using free blogging site Blogspot in late October, goes further than the pamphlet.

“The dark terror that will be waged by Moslem extremists, Tamil Tiger guerrillas, Afghan drug criminals, African animists and so on is but a matter of time. It sums to culture busting (the process by which Australian community feeling and identity is broken down) and is also a type of state-terrorism against the Australian population — ethnic cleansing!

“Resistance must become permanent, regardless of what the government does.”

The site promises that refugees would be returned “by force if necessary”.

Controversy has surrounded the Inverbrackie facility since its announcement in October by the Prime Minister and new Immigration Minister Chris Bowen, principally around the lack of consultation with locals. Local MP Jamie Briggs has repeatedly criticised the government for the lack of discussions with the local community prior to the announcement of the facility.

The Australia First website makes a point of berating both major parties rather than just the Government, and bizarrely attacks Briggs for “deceiving the people of the Hills.”

“So much for the Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott election-period spin on deterring ‘asylum seekers’. Stop the boats? No: fly them in! Disused army facilities will be turned over to the parasites.”

The controversy has taken on more sinister overtones in recent days with local businessman David Prince complaining to the media about the threat posed to property, children and “wives” by detainees and the siting of the facility near an Army camp. “The mind just boggles to think what’s in that Army camp that the refugees would love to know about. It’s just a disgrace,” Prince is reported as saying.

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