Lucky Photios isn’t running. Some supporters of the NSW Coalition were glad last night that former Liberal Party minister and now party vice-president Michael Photios is not seeking public office. During an auction for election funds at Sydney’s Athenian Restaurant, an event where four journalists were present, Photios made some off-colour gaffes before claiming the Keneally government was corrupt because it accepted donations from unions while talking up and accepting winning auction bids from Clubs NSW and the Forest Industry Products Association for dinner with Liberal leader Barry O’Farrell and Gaming and Racing Shadow Minister George Souris following the March 2011 election. About $90,000 later more than a few loyal supporters were squirming in their seats.

Green light for News. News Limited’s greening agenda is on track — but staff at Sydney HQ are being asked to do their part …


As you may know, News Limited’s One Degree programme is an initiative to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across our business, raising awareness of climate change among our staff and the broader community.

Why One Degree? Because small actions by many people add up to a big difference! So far we have seen a range of fantastic achievements across our business through the One Degree program, a tribute to the hard work of all employees. However our journey is not over, as there is still plenty to do. All of us have the opportunity to continue to lead the way in tackling climate change, and the next step is to build upon the success of our achievements. I encourage everyone to get involved.

Starting today all staff can visit the intranet and click on the ‘One Degree’ button (found on the right hand side of the screen) to share ideas about making our building more environmentally friendly. Maybe you have a great idea for recycling, or your team has been involved in an unusual energy saving initiative? Whatever it is, we would love to hear it. So get thinking and send your ideas through as soon as you can. All ideas received will be considered by our One Degree Committee and we will keep everyone informed with regular updates about the ideas and their progress as they are implemented.

To complement this activity, we are looking for around 20 volunteers to join the Holt Street One Degree committee. Members from each department within the building will have the opportunity to participate in quarterly sessions with key executives, to help determine our environmental initiatives. The One Degree Committee’s aim will be to come up with exciting and engaging plans to influence people’s behaviours around carbon emissions and encourage everyone in our business to make one degree of change for the planet.

If you wish to be part of the committee, and would like the opportunity to make a real difference, email [email protected] with your details. Past members are also welcome to join in and share their experiences and ideas. Working collectively on the One Degree programme is one way we can join together to make a real difference to our environment. I look forward to hearing back from you all very soon.


Geoff Booth
General Manager, Nationwide News

What will Fairfax’s review turn up? Not long now until Fairfax Media unveils its long-awaited restructure to eager investors and analysts. Next Tuesday, November 23 is earmarked as the day when analysts find out the company’s future direction and the fate of under-performing senior executives, which has seen the Sydney Morning Herald and The Age go into freefall.

The paper’s running late. I spoke to a newsagency owner this morning, complaining the Herald Sun delivery was two hours late again. It has happened a few times in the past couple of weeks. Problem is he can’t open his shop because he’s delivering their paper and therefore loses sales. He just shrugged his shoulders.

Peter Fray

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