Did Nine open the chequebook? Did 60 Minutes pay for the Charlotte Lindstrom interview that appeared on Sunday night? There are rumours that a sum of at least $35,000 was being asked by the Lindstrom family for access to Lindstrom, who was released from jail earlier this year after serving time for her part in an alleged murder attempt. As a convicted criminal Lindstrom and/or her family are not allowed to be paid under provisions of the Proceeds of Crime legislation. The Seven Network is thought to have refused to pay because of the legal bar.

An ode to the Greens’ cause. There are some suggestions that Brian Walters is not as good a candidate for the state seat of Melbourne as federal counterpart Adam Bandt. So how does Bandt’s poetry compare with Walters’ effort?

Voting in a Recession. Unfortunately my camera on my phone is not the best, but you might be able to use this. An early voting booth has been set up on Bridge Road in Richmond in a shop formerly occupied by Recession Clothing.  There’s got to be a gag in there somewhere …


Turning around — but everything’s fine. What is going on with security management at Sydney Airport? About 75 minutes after leaving Sydney, the captain of the fully-laden 747 flight announced: “Ladies and gentlemen, we have to turn back to Sydney. One passenger failed to board so we have to return and offload his luggage as a safety precaution. Baggage is screened, so there should be nothing to worry about.” How in this age of supposedly heightened awareness — and computerised manifests — can this possibly happen?

Peter Fray

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