Many of us wrote off The Event before we’d even seen it. There was the stench of death in the air well before the shows premiere, with many sensing it would suffer similar problems to last years Flash Forward. Much like Flash Forward, this show is getting a mid-season re-launch.

Unlike Flash Forward, the show isn’t being revamped with new showrunners. Instead, it’s simply getting a strong promotional push in January. While I can’t help but feel that the damage is already done, it is good to see that the show is getting support from the network.

The problem with The Event is summed up nicely in this paragraph from an Entertainment Weekly article on the relaunch:

While Ritter thinks that Sophia and her kind may be time travelers from the future, other cast members have more (out there) theories. “I think Jason is like the second coming for the aliens,” sayd Lisa Vidal, who plays the President’s wife Christina. “He’s the second coming to this alien nation, this super human nation and there is something at stake. That’s why he is on the run. He’s like the alien Jesus.”

“That just feels right,” quipped Ritter.

Some ideas just don’t translate well to television.

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