CRIKEY: Re. “Howes on being a ‘critical friend of Israel’ and union embrace of boycott” (yesterday, item 6). This  story originally cited national occupational health and safety unit director Dr Yossi Berger in Victoria in relation to AWU Zionist advocacy conducted in the AWU, this reference has now been removed due to inaccuracy.

Climate change:

Nigel Brunel writes: Re.”Quiggin: a global emissions entitlement could eliminate global poverty” (yesterday, item 3). 100% bang on mate. The need to address both man-made climate change and global poverty is inextricably linked. If you fail on one — you will fail on the other.

Stephen O’Connor writes: Don’t be a bore Tamas Calderwood (yesterday, comments) — you continue again and again to support claims that have been debunked I forget how many times in Crikey and other places such as Skeptical Science. Take a deep breath and consider the possibility that the Earth really is warming and we are to blame — maybe your tenacity will help us find a solution.

John Shimkus:

Keith Binns writes: Re. “Richard Farmer’s chunky bits” (yesterday, item 12). As someone who takes the Bible seriously and who has tertiary qualifications in that area, US Congressman John Shimkus and his ilk are dangerous embarrassments. He is practising what is known in the trade as selective literalism, where great emphasis is put on arbitrarily selected bits of the Bible, while other bits are totally ignored, and of course, being in denial that you’re doing that.

I trust the good Congressman doesn’t wear poly-cotton shirts (garments of two types of stuff are forbidden), goes to the toilet by digging a hole (clear instructions are given in Deuteronomy), doesn’t eat oysters or prawns (an abomination equal to two men having s-x) and has cut off the hand and plucked out the eye that has caused him to sin. Selective literalism is always an embarrassment because it displays gross naivety and ignorance. But in this case it is also dangerous as climate change is such an important issue. We have about five years to do something effective.

My bet is that nothing effective will be done, or will be the usual too little too late. Future generations will curse Shimkus and his ilk. How do I know this? Because of the science developed within the context of Christianity. The beliefs that the world was understandable (as opposed to magical and random) and consistent (rather than at the mercy of the whims of gods), both drawn from Christianity, were important pillars early on.

Comments correction:

Vincent Burke writes:Re. Yesterday, commentsCrikey must have thought my word papabile was a typo, and changed it to palpable which has a totally different meaning and made my comment apparently nonsensical.  Papabile is the Italian word which succinctly describes someone as worthy of the highest office.

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