The banks have become the robber barons

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Benjamin Law:

Margaret Andrews writes (3.22pm Friday 5th Nov): Re. “Benjamin Law: up close and personal with Margaret Andrews” (Friday, item 1). Earlier today, I received an email from Crikey informing me that they intended to publish an article by Benjamin Law. The article had not been sent to me, and the deadline for comment had passed by the time I saw the email.

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5 thoughts on “The banks have become the robber barons

  1. whatiris

    Margaret: “I’m not the poopy head, it’s him who is the poopy head.”

    Also, I really like the “diversity” scare-quotes thing. Keep digging!

  2. shepherdmarilyn

    Well, don’t have credit cards. Why is it that people whining about the banks and their credit charges don’t get that they don’t have to have the bloody things?

    Is there no-one capable of free choice or free will as they whinge and whine and carp about everything.

  3. Norman Hanscombe

    Don’t wish to alarm you un-necessarily, marilyn, but I have to say I agree with you on this issue, even if your criticism did seem a tad harsh. I’m sorry, and hope it doesn’t spoil your afternoon.

  4. whatiris

    Indeed. Also, it’s complete crap that there aren’t cards with lower rates. There are credit cards with significantly lower rates if you’re willing to forego the frequent fliers nonsense.

  5. zut alors

    @ Keith Thomas

    I agree 100%. When Rudd jets into Washington DC they don’t close down part of the airport and permit Australian security staff to steamroll through the city. The Yanks seem to believe the following:

    1. their heads of state are important beyond comparison with any other nation’s
    2. their heads of state are in constant danger because the USA is universally unpopular

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