Nov 8, 2010

Fairfax’s hypocritical web ‘spying devices’ beat-up

"Politicians are letting foreign-owned companies covertly gather information about voters" screamed Fairfax today. Pot. Kettle. Black.

Stilgherrian — Technology writer and broadcaster


Technology writer and broadcaster

“Politicians are letting foreign-owned companies covertly gather information about voters” screeched the  Nicky Phillips “EXCLUSIVE” in Fairfaxland today. “The websites of Barry O’Farrell, Kristina Keneally, Tony Abbott and the Greens plant spying devices on visitors’ computers, which can track them as they browse the internet.”

Pot. Kettle. Black.

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35 thoughts on “Fairfax’s hypocritical web ‘spying devices’ beat-up

  1. John Bennetts

    Davo, sorry – some of that didn’t display.

    Look above the , key and the . key. You will find angle brackets.

    The format of the command to start italics is:

    To end italics, repeat the brackets stuff, inside which put /i (that is, LOWER CASE QUESTION MARK foloowed by i.

    Give that a whirl.

    Other commands include b for bold, etc.

  2. Stilgherrian

    Folks, if you roll your cursor over the text that says “Some HTML is OK” and leave it there for a moment, most web browsers will pop up a list of what’s allowed.

  3. Elan

    I’m trying to get the text below to print, so I’ve used multiple letters symbols.

    Use just ONE symbol and letter!!

    1) <<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>> Opens italics

    2) Now put your word or sentence. Then put:

    3)<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>Closes italics.

    1)<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>Opens bold

    2) Word/sentence. Then put:


    I wonder if it comes up OK??

  4. Elan

    Ach!! yer wee bugger!!

    In the middle there, where those chevrons change and go the opposite way you put an i (italics) or b (bold) TO OPEN.

    TO CLOSE: Do exactly the same, BUT put a forward slash BEFORE the i or b.

    SO: one left pointing chevron i or b then one right pointing chevron.OPEN.

    Word or sentence..THEN

    One left pointing chevron- then a forward slash-then i or b-and then a right pointing chevron.CLOSE

    Letter i or b for italics or bold. And the forward slash added to close procedure.


    This is the complete novices’ way of describing this facility!!

  5. Meski

    Or for a lesson on how to escape html symbols:)

    google following, look at top hit.
    escape angle brackets in html

    <i> </i>

    to type this (remove spaces)

    & l t ; = <
    & g t ; = >

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