The US Secretary of State is currently in Melbourne. Hillary Clinton’s schedule has included a Town Hall forum hosted by the ABC’s Leigh Sales, a lunch with Prime Minister Julia Gillard, an appearance at a clean energy event, a wreath laying ceremony, and an upcoming AUSMIN joint press conference.

Here’s a snapshot of some of the media coverage, care of Media Monitors:

ABC Newcastle (Newcastle) Mornings — 08/11/2010:

A look at Hillary Clinton’s visit as she has been in Melbourne. Russell says she is brave for wearing a orange suit. He adds maybe it is a tribute to our PM and her hair colour.

FOX FM (Melbourne) The Matt and Jo Show — 08/11/2010 – 07:26 AM:

Tilley says miners and SES workers are the only people who should wear orange suits. He mentions Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, is currently in Melbourne and is staying at the Langham Hotel. He wonders why she is wearing an orange pantsuit while representing her country. Stanley says she wore an orange day-suit during yesterday’s visit to Federation Square and wore another orange suit in the evening. Tilley says she looked like a “can of Fanta”.

Ms Clinton, in a bright peach pantsuit, and Ms Gillard, wearing power black, turned heads when they later strolled along the banks of the Yarra River flanked by a large security detail.

ABC Central Australia (Alice Springs) Breakfast — 08/11/2010:

[unspecified paper] — Hilary Clinton is in Melbourne in meetings with Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Maloney points out the two leaders stylists “had the day off” as Hilary’s suit clashed with Gillard’s hair.

The Sydney Morning Herald:

Mrs Clinton the 24/7 politician was a constantly moving figure in a tangerine pantsuit surrounded by squadrons of men in dark suits as she tackled what Prime Minister Julia Gillard had promised would be a ”fun” day in Melbourne yesterday.

ABC 702 Sydney (Sydney) Breakfast:

Spencer says Hillary Clinton is in Sydney with an orange suit “that would almost give Geoffrey Edelsten’s Melbourne Cup outfit a run for its money”. He says Clinton has talked about reducing the price of solar energy worldwide and military relations between the US and Australia.

3AW (Melbourne) Breakfast — Ross Stevenson and John Burns:

Stevenson says the Herald Sun pictures a woman in a pantsuit, which is accompanied by an article about women in pantsuits. Comperes note they have never seen Julia [Gillard] in a skirt or dress. Burns says a co-worker jokingly asked whether Hilary Clinton’s orange suit is the one Geoffrey Edelsten wore to the races.

Channel 7 (Melbourne) — Seven News (Weekend) — Jennifer Keyte:

Hillary Clinton praising Australia’s role in Afghanistan and peacekeeping missions in the Asia-Pacific. The US sec of state embarking upon series of engagements in Melbourne today ahead of Ausmin talks tomorrow, including speech on green energy. Pant suit power walk ending with lunch at Federation Square.

Apparently, Clinton wore orange. Or was it peach? More tangerine. Blush. Sunset. Okay, orange. And not just orange, an orange suit. Orange pants. Not an orange skirt. Trousers, you see. In a suit. A pants suit, if you will. Got that?

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