I wrote a book. It is called “The story of The Christmas Story” and I think it is both adorable and hilarious even more so than usual.


You can read about the book but not read the actual book here. Then you can go here and buy it and then you can read it (eventually). You can also get it in shops which sell books. While you’re at it, why not buy the calendar too.

I won’t talk about the process of writing/drawing the book or anything at length here because I am about do a bazillion (four) interviews around the place to talk about just that so nyah nyah. The purpose of this post is to advise of the when and the where my promotional activities will take place. And then to talk about my feelings.

After that, I will talk about how difficult my life is now that I am even more famous and important than before I was when less famous and important.

I have already had a “profile” in Panorama which is the magazine in the Saturday Canberra Times. That went quite well. They used one of the photos of me from the photo shoot I did. Did I mention I did a photo shoot? I was fabulous. The lovely photographer took hundreds and hundreds of “snaps” (as we call them in the biz) and we ended up with two that are usable but only one of those is any good.


The first thing coming up is Late Night Live with Phillip Adams. I think that is on Monday.

I will do a bunch of other radio. There will be a launch. Book signings. And I dunno, other stuff too. You have been warned.

Stay tuned.

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