conan-tbs-promoThe new late-night talk show ‘Conan’, hosted by Conan O’Brien, has been scheduled to air at 11:30pm weeknights starting on Tuesday November 9th and will screen on GEM.

It’s great to see a local network have been so quick to get the show to air. Viewers will get to see the show from the first episode, with a time delay of just six hours from the original US airing. Also, with the show screening on GEM, there is always the chance that we may get the HD version of the show broadcast.

With Conan perceived as a youth-driven talk show, it is surprising that Nine haven’t opted to broadcast the show on its youth channel Go!. Instead, they have it airing on their female-skewed channel GEM – further confusing the GEM branding. Is it really a female-skewed channel, or is it simply an extension of their main channel? GEM is a channel without an identity, an issue further compounded by the addition of Conan.

Regardless, it’s great to see that Conan will be airing in a regular timeslot locally. Mark it in your calendars.