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Oct 21, 2010

Adam Bandt’s speech on Afghanistan

While Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott were locked in "furious agreement" about Australia's involvement in Afghanistan, independent MP Andrew Wilkie and Greens

While Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott were locked in “furious agreement” about Australia’s involvement in Afghanistan, independent MP Andrew Wilkie and Greens MP Adam Bandt provided — gasp! — a different opinion, calling for the withdrawal of Australian troops. Here is Bandt’s speech.

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16 thoughts on “Adam Bandt’s speech on Afghanistan

  1. Big Jimmy

    Heartening! Is that the wind of change I can feel?

  2. B.i.g. J.i.m.m.y.

    Hmmm…It’s a good beginning.

  3. richie ben

    I only watched part of this – the part I watched was very impressive. I note that it seems that in both this speech and the Wilkie speech as shown on TV the chamber appeared to be very sparsely populated. It may just be a matter of camera angles or something, but if I am right, the failure to attend and listen to the discussion belies any claim for principle on the part of either party. I suspect some members were watching the speech on the tv in their offices, but in my view that was not really appropriate.

  4. Colin Jacobs

    I look forward to reading about this eloquent speech in the Oz. “Won’t somebody save us from the lunatic Green fringe and their insane frothing!”

  5. Elan

    You did well son, you did well.

  6. Wobbly

    It makes me extremely proud to have supported the Greens for the last 9 years, running street stalls, marching with the green triangle placard, letterboxing, door knocking and campaigning in other way to finally hear my opinion and that of a million other Australians represented so elequently in our House.

    Thank you Adam for your great speech. I hope in years to come your speech will be regarded as a watershed for our parliament, our politics and ultimately a landmark moment that demonstrates the growing up of Australia.

  7. ninetenthsofthelaw

    Anyone got a link to Wilkie’s speech?

  8. nicolino

    Both Wilkie and Bandt have spoken eloquently on what the majority of Australians want and yet our elected political leaders don’t listen and we are not about to eat cake.
    Surely if we want respect we should speak our minds to the Americans and if they consider us as friends they shouldn’t be averse to some friendly advice. Mind you I doubt they would listen to anyone outside of the U.S. such is their arrogance.

  9. joanjett

    Greens all the way, yay!

  10. joanjett

    Sorry that was childish I know but I couldn’t help it. Makes me so happy to have joined a party with a conscience and a heart (and a brain).