They promised she’d be “feisty”. Daily Telegraph editor Garry Linnell said she “attracts debate, and makes you feel something”. And there’s no denying the “hardest-hitting columnist” in NSW, Miranda Devine, is back on the national stage with a bang.

After quitting her $240,000 gig stirring up Sydney Morning Herald readers, Devine is back at Holt Street with a bigger pay packet and a louder megaphone — syndicated far and wide across News Limited’s tabloids. And she’s quickly climbed back on the stump to sing from the same song sheet.

As an opening gambit, she attacked the murderous greenies and their “climate alarmism”:

But, whatever way you dress it up, the climate alarmist message ultimately can be boiled down to death.

No surprise that the first big issue in the kinder, gentler new parliament for [Father Frank] Brennan’s pet Greens was euthanasia. It’s where their heads are at. Killing people.

And if you’re not dead then they’ll make you suffer.

The outrage sung out over our “s-x-saturated culture”:

Such slatternly celebrity role models as Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears are the canaries in the coal mine of raunch culture, their emotional disintegration testimony to the toll.

There was congratulations to Kerri-Anne Kennerley for not backing down from describing s-x-attack victims as “strays”, while calling out the “feminist moralists” in their “war against alpha males”:

The pendulum needed to swing in the direction of victims, but it may have swung too far, to the point where men given mixed signals by women don’t know what to do. Feminist overreach has similarly fuelled the s-xual harassment industry, now weighted so heavily towards the accuser that young women are virtually obligated to bring the patriarchy to heel.

Continuing on the s-x politics theme, with “shivers up [her] spine”, Devine delivered her fiercest attack yet on Wednesday. Weighing into the story of two schoolboys expelled from a Sydney Catholic school for touching a “fully clothed breast”, Miranda was frothing with indignation.

She interviewed the mother of the girl involved to question how these “handsome football stars” (presumably pimply nerds would be a different story) could be hung out to dry:

What damage such an incident has caused to adolescent children and their emerging s-xuality can’t be measured. Overreacting to normal interest between the s-xes and setting up a predator-victim culture with the boys always in the wrong is a recipe for a sick society. But it is the predictable consequence of our official embrace of man-hating feminist propaganda, which automatically regards men, and now little boys, as dirty predators, and the cowardly institutions and administrators who fail to take a stand against it…

Any parent of boys knows how deceptively tender their feelings are at 13 or 14 and how easily they can be made to feel like monsters for just being boys. Essentially we have criminalised boyhood.

Welcome back, Miranda. We’d missed you.

Peter Fray

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