Oct 5, 2010

Hamilton: more Aussie climate beat-ups

According to The Australian's letter writers, the prestigious Royal Society now has "serious doubts" about the science of climate change leading it to a "startling retreat" from previous statements.

According to The Australian’s letter writers, the prestigious Royal Society now has “serious doubts” about the science of climate change leading it to a “startling retreat” from previous statements.

Yet if you go to the Royal Society’s new short guide to climate science, you will find a straight restatement of the science as laid out by the IPCC. It reaffirms that:

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7 thoughts on “Hamilton: more Aussie climate beat-ups

  1. nicolino

    The big problem with the deniers is that they are looking only in their back gardens and not at the big picture.
    Wasn’t Murdoch at one stage acknlowledging climate change by having his minions adapt more enviro-friendly policies within his imperial domain?

  2. Michael

    Space Cadet Hamilton said:

    “Is there no limit to the venality of humans?”

    It appears not.
    Faced with ever mounting recalcitrance to the man made CO2 theory and our inability to forecast tomorrows weather let alone sea levels, it is left to insecure attention seekers like Mad Dog Hamilton to maintain a rage.
    Poor thing.

  3. MichaelT

    The Australian is being polemical, as usual. The short guide doesn’t really evaluate the existing dominant view, but takes it as read.

    It merely reproduces the IPCC’s estimates of the likely future rise in temperatures, and says almost nothing about what the consequences might be.

    It assumes that the settings of climate computer models (in which natural factors for climate variability are set at a much lower rate than human factors) are correct. It is invitable that simulations based on these assumptions will show greater rises in temperature result from increases in the human factors than from increases in the natural factors.

    The only exception to the guide’s silence on possible consequences (which was referred to by the Oz), is para 45, which declares that: “it is very likely that for many centuries the rate of global sea-level rise will be at least as large as the rate of 20 cm per century that has been observed over the past century.”

    Given that 20 cm is an insignficant amount the Guide is at least notable in that it does not endorse the extreme projections of climate change consequences bandied about in other publications.

  4. baal

    Mr Hamilton – suggesting that the Australian has fibbed to its ‘more gullible readers’ misleadingly suggests that perhaps some of them aren’t. These lying insects assume everyone is either cynical as they are or just plain stupid. But be encouraged, the paper’s losing money hand over fist and it is merely a matter of time before Rupert’s heir pulls the plug. Let us hope that its rats aren’t provided new homes at the ABC by the increasingly gullible Mark Scott

  5. gregb

    I’ve just read through the Royal Society’s report. If the denialists are claiming that this document vindicates them then I am glad to say that there are no such things as denialists anymore. Are they hoping that no one is actually going to read it??


    Non Citizen Rupert really is the source of the planet’s most malignant form of pollution.

  7. Flower

    The recent rate of change in CO2 is dramatic and unprecedented. Increases in CO2 have not exceeded 30 ppm in a 1,000 years yet CO2 has risen by 30 ppm in just the last 17 years.

    Yet the copy and paste parasites preach their favourite scriptures from their favourite global warming denialism blogs: “1998,” “global cooling,” “sundidit,” “volcanoes,” “cosmic rays,” “new vorld order,” the list of lunacy goes on and on.

    These being the right-wing think tanks and their rent boys – the tax dodging, decrepit, free market theologians, shallow materialists and the scientifically illiterate who dance with the corpse of fossil fuel while chewing the arse out of Mother Nature. The rock apes who monkey with big bucks laundered through ‘reputable’ charity foundations while bludging off the environment. Put the lid down on these dunny dwellers – where’s the phenol? Thart’ll larn ‘em!

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