Mitchell's concerned about your safety. Do you feel safe? Do you need to be safer? Neil Mitchell -- the bearded one on 3AW, Melbourne's top-rating shock jock -- wants to know. Law and order -- that trusty staple of talkback radio -- will be a hot-button issue in the Victorian state election campaign, Mitchell has declared, and as part of his listening campaign he's mailed some 65,000 residents asking for their views. "I am really anxious to establish exactly what the people of Victoria think about what I believe is one of the most important issues we face: Law and Order," he writes in his letter to the "householder". "With luck, hard work and the right questions, we may achieve change."


There's some 23 questions to answer, everything from "do you feel safe in your local street at night?" to "is violence racially motivated?". A simple yes or no will do; there's no room for nuance in Mitchell's campaign.