Oct 1, 2010

Joe cut and pastes on commodity prices

Joe Hockey misses the point in his cut'n'paste effort today about our reliance on commodity prices. Australia has always ridden commodity booms. The real issue is the strength of the dollar.

The opposition’s Treasury spokesman, Joe Hockey put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and penned an attack on the federal budget for the op-d pages of The Australian this morning. Perhaps it should have been an item in that paper’s Cut and Paste section (AKA Cut and Waste), because Joe’s effort was strangely familiar — in fact it was more or less the commentary on the 2014 budget from Access Economics that got some publicity on Tuesday.


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5 thoughts on “Joe cut and pastes on commodity prices

  1. John Bennetts

    Nice stuff, GD and BK.

    What else would we expect to come from a Treasurer-In-Waiting who rejects as unreliable sources such as Treasury in favour of Access Economics? It’s past time for the Opposition to put a few positive proposals on the table. For Joe and Co to continually come across as knockers invites a FTOTM cartoon on the subject… of knockers.

  2. David

    Treasurer in waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and…where is he?


    “A bit rich” indeed!

    It still doesn’t stop Sloppy Joe bloviating his confected rage in parliament, nor his ludicrous claim that the Coalition will do the ‘hard yards’ whatever the f^%k that’s meant to mean.

    Mildly entertaining our Joe, but foreman material? He ain’t.

  4. Harvey Tarvydas

    Dr Harvey M Tarvydas

    Excellent and necessary GD and BK, thanks.
    What’s worse than young Joe’s careless ignorance on matters ‘treasury’ is the acceptance of it all by his boss given his university education. A young jolly Joe maybe could pull himself into line with a leader ship.
    While I only did (in secret) most of the part time students undergrad UWA economics course while studying medicine there in the 60’s I can see the foolish arrogance besetting Joe’s economics babble and from there cometh my support for your quality article, not from politics.

    Australia could be well served by seriously potent and individual economics thinking to change some seriously stymieing old cultural economics thinking that cloaks us because Australia has so so much to gain in the current world economics situation and its people deserve something special. Approximately one half of its politics isn’t even able to deliver the most ordinary economic planning for the Australian people’s wealth.

  5. Sean O Finn

    A great well written and factually based analysis. I love it keep it up.

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