Oct 1, 2010

Crikey List: which MPs were involved in student politics?

The ghost of Voluntary Student Unionism returned this week with the introduction of the Student Services and Amenities Fee Bill. Crikey thought it was pertinent to cast an eye over the current batch of sitting politicians who got their start in the sandpit of the nation's student unions.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

The ghost of voluntary student unionism returned to haunt the halls of federal parliament this week with the introduction of the Student Services and Amenities Fee Bill as one of the first pieces of legislation considered by Labor.


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34 thoughts on “Crikey List: which MPs were involved in student politics?

  1. Daryl...

    Anthony Albanese – Typical labor background, no real business success, no entrepreneurial success. Dedicated his career to spending the publics money. And continues today… the only thing labor knows how to do. Spend the public money and work out ways to take more money off us. Why are we ruled by these cretins?

  2. Holden Back

    Oh Daryl. Have you ever heard the lovely little story about the pot and the kettle?


  3. Daryl...

    The racist tale? No do tell…

  4. John Bennetts

    They appear to be a quite normal bunch of people. After all, university is more than just lectures, y’know.

    Disclosure: I spent more than a few years as a member of a University Union Board of Management, including as Treasurer and President. Some would call this institution the “students’ union”, however it is a creature of the university as a whole, not just the students. Plus a term on the SRC. Poor Daryl obviously didn’t make it that far.

  5. Daryl...

    NO I didn’t, does that bother you John? I have worked in 37 countries, published two books and advised more than one government however. And I despise governments where the ruling cabal is made up of people who have no experience other than how to spend the public’s cash.

    And I don’t particularly care which political party they belong to.

  6. Daryl...

    Why didn’t I discover this site years ago?… great site.

  7. Aphra

    Although I always had to scrabble to find the money I willingly paid the Union fee as it provided real help and support to many whom I knew. I did go to many free concerts and barbies, however, and benefited in other ways. It was a spiteful and narky move of the Howard government to ban compulsory union fees: even those of us from Melbourne knew how parlous things would become at that university but worried more about the country cousins. And this is a point.

    Parliamentarians representing regional electorates will need to think very carefully about their vote. Tertiary level students are all voters these days and many of them are in dire need of student support services, even more so than those in the big cities, it could be argued. As for Abbott’s worries, I can’t believe that there’s a real risk of today’s students becoming catspaws for the PRC. Like too many of his ilk he apparently thinks that criticism of the establishment, generally, is some sort of a commie plot.

    @Daryl….so, there are no career politicians in the conservative ranks? Is that what you’re implying?

  8. Daryl...

    @Aphra.. not at all. What I am implying is that anybody (ANYBODY) who has a career spent mainly on spending the publics money instead of working out how to earn it has absolutely no moral right, no professional skill and definitely no understanding of what real Australians (those not working for the government) actually go through on a daily basis.

    And I couldn’t care less which party they work for. None of them are going to stop taxing WA so much to spend for the Welfare states anyway so none of them really represent me.

  9. mook schanker

    Yeah, Berlusconi is a fine example of business and entrepreneurial success and politics….

  10. David

    Daryl I remember the 2 books you wrote……Recollections of my Stupid Life vol 1… and of course that best seller….How I learned to be a Tosser. I believe there is one more before you send your publisher out of his mind, titled…….Can someone Tighten my Screw?

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