Demi’s settlement — more to it? Is it true that one of the reasons why Demi Moore settled her court case yesterday in Melbourne against No Idea is that the US star’s American lawyers stuffed up her case? Her pleadings in the case were found to be defective the week before and the judge refused to allow them time to change them, seeing that they already had plenty of time to do so. There is also supposed to be a swimsuit photo of Ms Moore that was sent out on Twitter that may have made an appearance if she had appeared to be cross examined in court.

The Parrot and JA. I just attended the opening of parliament and was a couple of people behind Alan Jones (the Parrot, not the F1 driver) in the line to get into the speakers’ gallery of the house. The entry passes have the name of the MP that you are the guest of in the gallery, and I noticed on his that he was the guest of our new member for Bennelong, John Alexander.

Patients knew about dodgy hips. Regarding the class action of 50,000 Americans against DePuy Orthopaedics, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, in connection with faulty cobalt hip replacement and a possible   Australian action to follow. The potential for failure has been known about in this country for at least five years.

One patient tells of having discomfort and pain after six months following her hip replacement with the cobalt implant five years ago and her surgeon insisting on immediate replacement by ceramic joint. When she objected to such drastic action he said it was imperative because “they’re beginning to crack up and it could be dangerous”.

Will resort still support indigenous employment? The Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) are just about to buy Ayers Rock Resort from GPT for around $300 million. The objective of this company is about aboriginial employment — it’s weird how this purchase might fully fit within that mandate. Yes, there can be some improvement in employment options in the area but for that cost and commercial exposure there are a lot of other opportunites that can better serve this objective.  The minister and the ILC board are getting nervous.

The sticker-less TVs for sale. I just visited the Big W store at Eastland Shopping Centre in Ringwood, Melbourne and did not see any energy rating labels on the televisions for sale and was wondering if this is allowed?