We asked, you delivered.

Free newspapers, that is.

Spotting stacks of free papers has long been a nerdy sport for Crikey readers. We’ve been covering the phenomenon for years and, as newspaper circulations fall, the giveaways have increased.

Just over a week ago we asked for your help in plotting them on a map — so that we can pinpoint free papers around the nation.

The tips have been pouring in.

So far, the results are quite evenly skewed. This is far from an exact science, but from our reader results, no one masthead stands out as, well, cheaper, than others. But some titles do get extra points for creativity. Take the Daily Telegraph’s deal with Franklins supermarkets in NSW — the supermarket chain seems to be giving them away with the groceries. As one reader informed us:

“Franklins Turramurra, free Saturday Teles … they couldn’t give them away! No one wanted them in my queue, and the check-out lady couldn’t fathom why …”

Over to Adelaide, and one motorist wrote:

“I was getting petrol at the BP service station in Clovelly Park, South Australia,  last Saturday night (11/09/2010) where customers were being told to take a free copy of the Saturday edition of the Adelaide Advertiser or the Sunday Mail, if they happened to spend $5 or more on petrol (and who doesn’t …)”

When in Perth, taking in an arthouse flick, why not:

“The foyer of Cinema Paradiso in Perth (an arthouse cinema) always has a pile of The Weekend Australian available for free, each Saturday.”

And for those lucky enough to find themselves strolling past the Sydney Opera House anytime soon …

“Great stacks of the Sun Herald were being handed out for free by what looked like bored teenagers at the Sydney Opera House on Saturday evening.”

Flying into Tassie? Need to catch up on the local news?

“The Examiner newspaper is available free at Launceston airport.”

One Crikey reader even went so far as to update us beyond the local newspaper landscape, to let us know where we could pick up a free Wall Street Journal, when we’re next in London, that is:

Just inside the Houghton Street (WC2A 2AE) entrance to the London School of Economics, opposite the “Old Theatre”.

So click on the image below and then zoom in and click on the dots for tips from your fellow Crikey readers on where best to pick up a free copy of your paper. Or any paper, really:


And keep the sightings coming in to [email protected] or here. We will continue to update as news comes to hand …