My god. Oh my god.

What a game.

The AFL has its first tied grand final since 1977.

Oh my god.

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The two teams will replay the Grand Final next Saturday at 2.30pm. Oh my god.

Collingwood Captain Nick Maxwell said it best when interviewed after the game: “it’s a joke.”‘

St Kilda captain Nick Riewoldt said it was weird. AFL boss Andrew Demetriou appeared disheveled. The AFL has no extra time policy in the Grand Final. That chances are slim. $51 to one. Amazing.

What happens next week? What’s sure is that this will be a cash cow for the AFL. What is also certain is that fans from both team teams will be devastated. Not everyone can afford consecutive Grand Final tickets.

Nor will there be the corporate support. People paid thousands of dollars to see a grand final but, evidently, not a winner.

The only happy people are the bookies. I doubt they deserve such happiness.

Regardless we have an amazing scenario. Collingwood vs. St Kilda. Two Grand Finals between the teams — 1 point.

The ghosts of 1966 have cast a shadow. Norm Smith medallist Lenny Hayes is deserved of his individual reward, but like the 100,000 people at the MCG today, he will remain empty.

As I write this, I am in Richmond. I am but 1k from the centre square. As I write, fans from both teams will flock to the bars of Swan St and Bridge Rd without a reason to celebrate, nor commiserate.

Oh my god.

The worst thing is my cricket season starts next Saturday. I can not watch the game. Likewise, the NRL Grand Final is next week.

Amazing scenes.


And after a beautiful Melbourne Spring day, the heavens have opened up. We are no closer to a result as we are decent weather in the spiritual home of this great game, which today has thrown up the cruelest end of all.


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