AFL Grand Final Day is my Christmas, Easter, King Island Show Day (Tas) and International Talk Like a Pirate Day all rolled into one. It’s mine, and many others, favourite day of the year. I love Grand Final Day.


Because it’s a combination of my three great loves — drinking beer, AFL and BBQs. Its like a Voltron of footy goodness.

So, it’s a big day tomorrow. I’ll be going to my usual Grand Final party at my mate’s house in Richmond — two streets back from Punt Road. You can hear the crowd from the backyard — and it’s right on the flight path for the Qantas flyover.

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So, dear reader, how will you be celebrating this most holiest of days? Who will win? Who will win the Normsmith?

Crikey’s here to help.

Drinking and such…

We’ve created our very own drinking game. Remember drinks lots of water. Or not.


I recommend to cook this: The Bacon Explosion. You know you want to.

The Norm Smith Medal

Here’s Crikey’s tips…

Sport1 Scott Pendlebury — $8 A silky smooth operator. Stands up in big games (Anzac Day medalist and had a cracking game in the Prelim). I like the cut of his jib and his moustache.
Sport2 Dane Swan — $5 Always a chance, considering he won every award possible (sans Brownlow)this year including the Miles Frankiln and the Pulitzer.
Sport3 Alan Didak — $8 Sublimely skilled, he’s the sort of player that wins a Norm Smith. Good chance.
Sport4 Dale Thomas — $13 The sort of game he was made for. If he fires, Collingwood will go a long way to winning. Has nice hair.
Sport5 Adam Schneider — $26 Annoying small forward who is annoying. Good odds. Annoying small forwards have a track records of stealing Norm Smiths.
Sport6 Brendon Goddard — $11 BJ is a beauty. Good value at $11 assuming the Saints get up. Should have an impact.
Sport7 Lenny Hayes — $10 Champion footballer. Love the way he plays. Will die trying to get Saints over the line.

And if Collingwood win, you may find the below video helpful. Just substitute “zombies” for “Collingwood supporters”:

Wilderness Survival:
How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

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